April 21, 2024
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April 21, 2024
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Thank You Poem for Our Children’s Teachers Who Are Zooming to the Rescue

When this first started, we chuckled a bit

Not really believing it would come to it,

School at home? Not for the likes of us,

We are parents who don’t like too much fuss.

We all heard of homeschoolers before, but shook our heads in disbelief,

There is no way we can do that for little kids, was our motif.

Well, that changed quickly, and now reality is new,

We’ve all learned what we need to do.

We are in awe of how our kids’ teachers are teaching,

How they’re connecting and touching and helping and reaching,

Such greatness, such gadlut, such pure, intense giving,

This surely is the purpose of living.

You’ve created a new world of light and inspiration,

One which gives new meaning to love and dedication,

What you teachers have done is make us all great.

As together we rise and embrace our new fate,

We can never repay you for what you’re doing for our nation

For your efforts, you’ll receive reward for many generations

As you serve as models of dignity and grace

And just keep teaching, with kindness on your face.

You ignored the craziness, the glitches and blips

Just kept giving over lessons and encouragement, a smile on your lips.

And when, in years and decades to come, we look back at this time.

You’ll tell your children and grandchildren that you saved mine

–With Love From Grateful Parents

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