June 15, 2024
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June 15, 2024
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The Beauty of Exercising with a Partner

We often find any excuse to avoid exercising–an essential factor to a healthy lifestyle. “I don’t have the time” or “I am too tired” are too commonly used, whereas phrases such as “I am super excited to go to the gym today” are rare. A positive mindset is very difficult to achieve and could take years of commitment to make sustainable. Enjoying exercise and staying motivated to reach one’s goals are topics we will address now.

There are three components needed to achieve optimal results for a healthy lifestyle: exercise, nutrition, and accountability. We all know that we need to eat properly and exercise routinely, but it is still difficult to do so for most people. This is because most people are missing accountability. That is, most people do not have someone or something taking responsibility for their health.

Marriage and relationship social worker Aliza Tammam says, “When two people spend time together in the gym it becomes “us” time. Instead of a lazy date watching a rerun twice a week, you can make “healthy” date and create a deeper bond with your partner.” Undoubtedly, you will find faster results with social support.

Four benefits of partner training include:

1. Having someone to push you when you are tired and vice versa.

2. Seeing your partner achieve a goal that you once thought was impossible allows you to view your own goals as realistic and attainable.

3. Creating a stronger bond with your partner through experiencing the same struggles.

4. Showing off your brand new set of biceps and shiny six-pack to your partner doesn’t hurt either.

Try this self-test to find the perfect fitness partner. Are you:

· Fearful or bold

· Someone who enjoys new challenges or someone who prefers repetitive routines

· A runner or a cyclist

· An introvert or extrovert

· Someone who desires instant gratification or appreciates long-term results.

· Competitive or passive

If four of your personality tests match, plan out your workout tomorrow and you will be one step closer to achieving your goals.

Yair Klyman is the fitness manager at Underground Training in Tenafly. He is a post- rehab specialist along with a functional movement specialist. You can contact Yair at 201-640-6905 or [email protected]

By Yair Klyman

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