June 18, 2024
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June 18, 2024
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The CAVE Sound Stages: A New Way to Be Creative

The CAVE Sound Stages might just be one of the most exciting new spaces to land in Bergen County. Brought to you by power couple and super creatives, Abbie and Achi Adamit, the much sought after photographer and videographer have crafted the perfect space, not just for themselves, but for the entire creative community.

A professional photographer since 2013, Abbie’s innovative approach to photography coupled with her magical ability to capture life’s most precious moments, resulted in a devoted client roster that often has her booked years in advance.

Achi enjoyed a career in property brokerage and management before realizing his true passion for videography, a hobby he discovered as a teenager. Working at events alongside Abbie, Achi amassed a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, learning to film and edit quickly while coming up with creative ideas on the spot. Before he knew it, he found himself managing a successful and booming videography business that took on a life of its own.

The creative couple had become so busy, and their home had so quickly filled up with all the latest professional equipment, that having their own commercial space became imperative for them.

“We needed more space for ourselves to create more and also saw a need in the community.” With that in mind, the dynamic duo opened up The CAVE, where Abbie and Achi, along with their fellow creatives, could have a space to create, produce, edit. Their vision was to make The CAVE the place where they and their colleagues could bring their fantastical visions to life in a state-of-the-art environment with all the latest equipment at their fingertips.

And because nothing that Abbie and Achi do is ever just ordinary, you can bet that this is no ordinary studio either. Short for Cinematography Audio-Visual Entertainment, the name encapsulates all that the space can do…and so much more. There are an infinite number of projects that can be created in this space and plenty of room for large equipment and props. With both a dedicated photography studio and videography studio, and a state-of-the-art sound system, there is no limit to what can be created at The Cave.

“The video production studio is made up of what is basically a u-shaped wall in this big area with no edges called a cyclorama wall,” explains Achi. In theater and film, cyclorama is an area that has a seamless infinity curve which not only eliminates shadows but also gives the illusion that you are looking into outer space or staring into an endless void.

By having a cyclorama, The CAVE enables the creation of projects that rival major motion-picture production quality. The walls can be lit up, the background can be replaced and CGI effects can create an endless array of possibilities.

“The video production walls have over twenty RGB (red, green, blue) lights that allow for 16 million color iterations…All it takes is just a couple presses of a button from a phone to change the cyclorama wall to any color and effect.”

In fact, the space is so large—boasting a 14 ft. high garage door wall—that even a car can be driven into the studio all the way to the back of the cyclorama wall. “Someone could bring in a horse if they wanted to…All types of large equipment can be brought in without even the need for a freight elevator.”

The photography studio can utilize an infinite number of backdrops as well and The CAVE took every detail into account. “You need a lot of space in a photography studio. You have light stands that stand very high. You need to have the ability to move things around. Maybe that includes large furniture, like a sofa. Sometimes you need ample space in order to create the ideal set, which also is needed for video production,” Achi added.

A portable video production cart that features a top-rated industry standard teleprompter is readily available for audio recording and live-streaming—an ideal set-up for any live or pre-recorded television production.

While anybody can rent out the space and bring their own crew, The CAVE also offers any number of services from pre to post production assistance and everything in between. “The idea is that not only do we use it for ourselves but we wanted to create this space as a way for any creative or business owner to rent space and do what they need to do. So if someone needs an additional cameraman for a livestream that requires multiple cameras, we could jump in and assist…we want their experience to be really good and we want their end product to be really good….we’re there to help.”

“With everybody trying to get everybody else’s attention these days through social media, content creation is very important,” explains Achi.

Achi describes it as the ideal blank space to create anything, from family portraits to professional magazine shoots, to televised interviews. The CAVE space is also perfect for fashion shoots, music videos, and all types of social media ventures.

And here’s a little fun fact Abbie and Achi shared about The CAVE: “We closed on the building on March 25th 2022, exactly10 years to the day we got married on March 25th, 2012. Just worked out that way!”

All are welcome at The CAVE and to book your next creative venture visit www.cavesoundstages.com or call (551) 290-5745

The CAVE is located at 92 S State St, Hackensack, NJ 07601

To check out a 3D tour of the space visit:

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