July 21, 2024
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July 21, 2024
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Famous Jewish Authors In UK Literature

In the early 20th century, there were very few Jewish writers in the UK. It was after the Second World War that UK Jewish writers began to flourish. The Holocaust and the birth of the nation of Israel created a new wave of Anglo-Jewish writers. 

Women authors such as Bernice Rubens and Anita Brookner began writing literature that has remained influential in the British libraries. Male writers such as Brian Glanville and Fredrick Raphael began to write in the late 20th century. 




Jewish writers in the UK before the 1950s


The role AI in education is playing today is significant. Due to AI technology, students access literary works written in both the current and last centuries. 

In British literary history, there are very few records of Jewish writers. There are exceptions, though, such as novelist Naomi Jacob who lived in the UK between 1889 to 1964. She wrote several novels, such as The Founder of the House, published in 1930. 

The novel is about the Jewish culture where women must remain subordinated to their patriarchal family structure. Her next novel is the Gollantz which was published in 1952. The book is about how Jewish families get progressively assimilated. Naomi is described as a terrible yet prolific writer. 

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There are many writers of Jewish origin in the UK. Their literature has recently become bestsellers in UK libraries. The events of the World War and the Holocaust served as a great inspiration for the authors. You can get more information and insights about Jewish writers and literature in the UK by reading the essay examples at https://writix.co.uk/essay-examples/literature, the leading free essay site. Every time you read another writer’s work, you will get ideas to write your own work. You can refer to this site for more literature on other topics. 

Jewish UK authors in the 1960s and 1970s

The 1960s and 1970s gave birth to a new generation of Jewish authors in the UK. The events of the Holocaust had passed, and the nation of Israel had been reborn. Most of the Jewish writers then were holocaust survivors who had fled to the UK and started a new life. 

Among them was Bernice Rubens, who has written more than twenty books. One of her books is The Waiting Game which is about a senior home known as “The Hollyhocks.” The residents have been waiting for the scythe, a tool used for harvest. In the meantime, each keeps themselves busy doing something. 

Anita Brookner is another famous writer. One of her books is Latecomers, published in 1988. It is about two Jewish boys who arrive in London as refugees and grow together to become best friends. In their youth, one of the boy’s desires to visit Berlin, where he saw his mother for the last time. 




Jewish writers in the UK in the 1980s and beyond

Since the 1980s, new Jewish writers have been born every decade. Many of them today are descendants of World War I and II and the holocaust immigrants. For some, the only memory of what their parents suffered is what is found in books. 

Among them is Fredrick Raphael, a famous Jewish writer born in the US but raised in the UK. He has written a large collection of famous books. One of them is “A Jew Among Romans.” It is about the life and legacy left by Flavius Josephus, who was a Jewish general in the Roman world. The intellectual had for many years lived searching for a place while living in a roman dominated culture. 

Howard Jacobson is a Jewish writer of the 21st century. He began writing in the 1990s and has written a book each year since then. One of his latest works is “Live A Little,” published in 2019. It is about how people fall in love at the end of their life. 

Tony Schumacher has written “The British Lion,” a fiction novel published in 2015. It is about the Nazis who won the 2nd World War and occupied England with the support of the US government. John Rossett returns to the Nazis to find a Jewish scientist that had been imprisoned in Germany. The scientist was being forced to create nuclear weapons by the Nazis. 


Before the 2nd World War, very little literature written by Jewish writers was found in the British libraries. A new breed of Jewish writers was born in the 1960s. The trend has continued with new writers rising every decade. Naomi Jacob is one of the earliest Jewish writers in the UK. Other famous writers of the 1960s to 1990s are Bernice Rubens, Anita Brookner, Brian Glanville, and Fredrick Raphael. The 21st-century Jewish writers are Tony Schumacher, Howard Jacobson, etc. 

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