July 24, 2024
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July 24, 2024
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The Humble Toast Sportstar Of the Week: Eliana Kieffer

The Jewish Link and The Humble Toast would like to recognize  Eliana Kieffer as this week’s Sportstar of the Week. The Yeshivat Frisch senior is a star for the Cougars softball team that made it to the MYHSAL championship game and was named MVP of the 4G tournament at Camp Dora Golding last month.

Eliana, congratulations on the championship and being recognized as this week’s sportstar of the week. Who are your role models?

My parents are my role models. They make it a point to always try to do what’s right in life and be a good example for me and my siblings. Growing up, they’ve always pointed out that at the end of the day it’s not about winning but rather how you act if you lose or a play gets messed up. Being a good person and being humble have always been important to me because of my parents. That’s something I’ve always admired about them and I hope to grow up to be as giving and thoughtful as them.

What is your favorite sport?

Definitely softball. I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember and it’s always been something I looked forward to when it’s off season. I’m my happiest when I’m playing on the field.

What is your greatest sports accomplishment?

Being MVP at the inaugural NCSY Softball Tournament and our team winning Frisch the first softball championship since 2006 last year.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

My favorite athletes are Gabby Greenberg, Kayla Yahalom and Rachel Schwartz, all of whom play on various teams at Frisch. They all embody what it means to be a team player and all strive to be the best they can be for their team. They put their all into every game while staying humble and I really strive to be a player like them. And my little sister Ariella. She reminds me of little me when I see her playing ball.

What is your earliest sports memory?

My earliest sports memory was when I was around 6 I hit my first home run. Everyone was clapping but I had no clue what I did. The run counted but after the umpire came up to my dad and told him I didn’t step on first base. I never did that again!

What is your favorite sports memory?

We were playing Hillel and we were down by three in the last inning, two outs and loaded bases. I was up with two strikes and I hit the ball deep into right field and hit a grand slam winning us the game and guaranteeing the team a spot in the playoffs.

What do you like to do when you are not playing sports?

I like reading and having a good time with my friends.

What is your pregame routine?

My only two pregame routines are getting a grounder to shortstop and throwing a perfect throw as fast as I can to first and I won’t go out onto a field or court without davening first.

What is your funniest sports memory?

When I was around 8. I only have sisters and I really wanted to teach one of them how to play softball so we could play together. I tried to teach my not so athletic twin how to swing a bat and before I had time to back up for her to take a practice swing, she swung the bat into my stomach.

What is the best thing about being a Sportstar?

Playing sports makes me happy. It’s not about being good or bad, winning or losing, but about having a good team and a good time when I play.!

The Humble Toast Star of the week will receive a $25 gift card to The Humble Toast. Please send nominees for an upcoming The Humble Toast Jewish Link Stars of the Week to [email protected].

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