April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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The Humble Toast Sportstars of the Week: Kayla Schwebel, Emma Lieberman and Kayla Stein

The Jewish Link and The Humble Toast would like to recognize a trio of cousins Kayla Schwebel, Emma Lieberman and Kayla Stein as this week’s Sportstars of the Week. The sixth graders at The Moriah School and Yavneh Academy played instrumental roles in the CMEK Grade 6 Purple fall season playoffs. Their team won the highest division for their grade level in the Hoop Heaven League playoffs and they are repeat champions after winning last fall as well. When asked about the girls, Chad Mekles of CMEK shared, “Emma was the team’s leading scorer in the three playoff games. She’s a deadly mid-range shooter who also finishes at the rim. She always makes the right decision and is amongst the smartest players her age. Kayla Schwebel broke open two of the three playoff games when they were close with a barrage of long distance 3-point shots. She is one of our emotional leaders and is an excellent all-around teammate. Kayla Stein is our most athletic player. In every game she stuffed each category of the stat sheet on offense and defense. She was the catalyst in breaking our opponent’s full-court press and made huge shots and plays down the stretch to close each game.”

Kayla, Emma and Kayla, congrats on the back-to-back championships and on being recognized as this week’s Sportstar of the Week! Who are your role models and why?

Kayla Schwebel: My role model is my brother Noah who has been playing ice hockey for eight years. I always love seeing how committed he is to the sport.


Kayla Stein: My parents because they always encourage me and give me so many great opportunities.

Emma Lieberman: My role models are my grandparents. They are upstanding citizens in their Jewish communities always doing chesed and kindness for others while being there for their grandchildren, especially their hobbies and passions. They are my biggest fans, coming to many of my basketball games, practicing with me, and reminding me the importance of being a team player and kind friend.

What is your favorite sport?

Kayla Schwebel: My favorite sport is basketball because I love to compete and play on a team with my dearest friends! I enjoy the friendships on and off the court and I am so thankful to have these teammates because they always have my back, and I theirs.

Kayla Stein: Basketball, because I love being part of the team.

Emma Lieberman: My favorite sport is basketball because I love playing and watching. I’m a big NY Knicks and NY Liberty fan! I also love that basketball is a team sport and I’m so lucky to be on the same team as my cousins where we work together, with the rest of our team and encourage each other.

What is your pregame routine?


Kayla Schwebel: My pregame routine is to eat some tater tots, drive with the windows open while listening to some pump-up music.

Kayla Stein: Drink gatorade and get in the right mindset for the game.

Emma Lieberman: I practice in my backyard rain or shine, shooting five layups on each side, then I take a few steps back and do mid-range shots and then I practice outside shots, and I finish with my foul shots.

What is your greatest sports accomplishment?

Kayla Schwebel: My greatest sports accomplishment was winning the championship this year for CMEK!

Kayla Stein: Winning back to back fall championships.

Emma Lieberman: Winning back-to-back Fall Hoop Heaven championships.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Kayla Schwebel: Lebron James is my favorite athlete because he’s a true leader on and off the court.

Kayla Stein: Jason Tatum. I was born in Boston and I love the Celtics.

Emma Lieberman: Steph Curry is my favorite athlete because he works hard and practices shooting, he inspires me to practice and keep at it.

What is your earliest sports memory?

Kayla Schwebel: When I was little, I went to go watch my brother play ice hockey at Madison Square Garden for the Junior Rangers.

Kayla Stein: Getting lost in the trees while skiing.

Emma Lieberman: When I was 6 years old, my Uncle Elliot took me to Madison Square Garden to skate on the ice with some of the NY Rangers! It was a memory of a lifetime.

What is your funniest sports memory?

Kayla Schwebel: My funniest sports memory was when I shot a ball in the wrong team’s hoop! I was so thankful to my teammates for laughing with me and not at me.

Kayla Stein: When my teammate didn’t know how to tie her shoes and my other teammate had to tie them for her in the middle of a game.

Emma Lieberman: When I sprained my same finger four times in one season, and I continued playing.

What is your favorite sports memory?

Kayla Schwebel: My favorite sports memory was playing at Madison Square Garden for the Junior Knicks.

Kayla Stein: Playing at MSG and scoring the first basket of the game.


Emma Lieberman: When the NY Knicks finally made it to the semifinals in my lifetime!

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not playing sports?

Kayla Schwebel: When I’m not playing sports, I love to spend time with my family.

Kayla Stein: Playing bass guitar in a rock band.

Emma Lieberman: When I’m not playing sports, I love playing with my younger siblings.

What is the best thing about being a Sportstar?

Kayla Schwebel: The best thing about being a Sportstar is to always continue to push myself and live up to my own expectations and dreams.

Kayla Stein: People will stop asking me why I was never a sportstar.

Emma Lieberman: That I get to receive this honor with my cousins Kayla and Kayla!

I’m also so thankful to be on the best CMEK team with my closest friends where we support each other and continue to work hard to improve each other’s games. Big thank you to our awesome coach, Chad!

The Humble Toast Star of the week will receive a $25 gift card to The Humble Toast. Please send nominees for an upcoming The Humble Toast Jewish Link Stars of the Week to [email protected].

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