September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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The Jewish Link 2022 Sufganiyot Awards

We’re pretty certain that it’s a halachic requirement to have at least one doughnut per day for all eight days of Chanukah. So The Jewish Link set out on a search for the best doughnuts in close proximity to our Teaneck office, and landed with an assortment of delicious treats from seven different stores—and yes, we ate all of them in one day. Here are the results of our office doughnut tasting:

Zadies Bake Shop
(Fair Lawn): Best Fillings

The doughnuts we ordered from Zadies came with imaginative fillings, like rainbow cake and caramel apple—and LOTS of it! The doughnuts were cut in half and stacked with a thick layer of filling in the center, and definitely had the most out of the entire selection.

Butterflake Bakery (Teaneck): Most Creative Assortment

We ordered a dozen doughnuts, which was the most from any shop, since we simply couldn’t decide! Each one had a unique and interesting flavor,and there was something for everyone, definitely delighting the widest range of palettes.

Patis (Teaneck): Most Gourmet

If you’ve ever been to Patis, you know that they create all of their baked goods with premiere artisanship; and their doughnuts are no different. With garnishes like pistachio brittle and espresso glaze, this was a gourmet culinary experience like no other.

Mocha Bleu (Teaneck): Most Party-Ready

Not only were these doughnuts easy on the palate, but they were easy on the eyes too, making them an ideal choice for Chanukah parties (and other parties too, of course). If you’re not hosting a party, the doughnuts were also highly photogenic—so snap away and share with friends.

Grand & Essex Market (Bergenfield): Freshest and Fluffiest

We could instantly tell that the doughnuts from Grand & Essex were made fresh that morning, and the texture was simply perfect. These pillowy, fluffy doughnuts were exquisitely fried and were the ideal canvas for the variety of fillings we tried.

Food Showcase (Fair Lawn): Most Nostalgic

At the suggestion of some Jewish Link readers, we picked up a half dozen donuts from Food Showcase which offered classic flavors like boston creme and chocolate sprinkles. Each bite brought back childhood memories of neighborhood Chanukah parties and family gatherings, carrying on the doughnut traditions.

Dunkin’ Donuts (Teaneck): Most Kid-Friendly

Do children really appreciate artisanal doughnuts? The answer is probably not, and considering the cost, Dunkin’ is an easy choice for pleasing kids. Bonus points for adorable holiday frosting on the ones we tried!

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