May 21, 2024
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May 21, 2024
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The Key to a Meaningful Father’s Day Isn’t Meals Out and Expensive Gifts

With Father’s Day approaching, there is no better opportunity to reconnect and recharge our relationship with one of the most important figures in our lives. While we are obligated to “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” daily in commandment five of Shemot 20:12 and therefore every day should be like Father’s Day, this day is an ideal opportunity to re-acknowledge that which we often take for granted, break out of a rut or routine and do something to show Dad that we really do appreciate all that he does in a unique manner.

Extravagant gifts and elaborate parties may show Dad that you made an effort, but the true gifts that touch the heart and become lasting treasures are the pre-K drawings that he hangs up in his office for years, the simple gestures that require care and show real thought behind them.

Here are a few simple yet much appreciated ways to show your Dad how much he means to you:

1) Ask him about his childhood

Showing interest in someone’s life, past or present, is one of the best ways to show that you care. Pull out a photo album, ask for the story behind a wacky picture and comment on his crazy hairstyle that seemed to be fashionable way back when. He’ll be thrilled that you asked.

2) Ask him to help you fix something

Solving, repairing and creating items are just some of the things Dads do best. He’ll love to help you fix the toy dollhouse or use the pruning shears, especially if you allow him to share his toolbox and gardening knowledge.

3) Forgo the store-bought, go for the crafts

They may not be as polished in appearance, but the one-of-a-kind decorated paper heart, hand-written note or creative poem is irreplaceable and will be treasured the most.

4) Challenge him to a game

Drop the electronics and head outside for a good, old-fashioned game of basketball, baseball catch or even Scrabble. Shutting off the screen, even for just a few minutes, demonstrates that he has your full attention, which is pretty rare.

5) Greet him at the door or stand up when he enters the room

A big hug or a simple “how are you,” right when he enters the house will let him know that you’ve missed him and are thinking about him. It is sure to be the highlight of his day.

6) Laugh at his jokes

No matter how corny or “punny,” he will appreciate it and, at the very least, know that you are listening. Just do it.

7) Ask him for advice

Whether it be a minor problem or an important decision, you are letting Dad know that you value and appreciate his input, and acknowledge his wisdom through life experiences.

8) Write him a note or letter—on paper!

In the days before email and texting, people used to write notes to each other. If you tuck a short note in his lunch, briefcase or coat pocket, it’ll bring a smile to his face and will brighten a long work day.

9) Make him his favorite treat

Surprise him with his favorite dessert, or even bake it together. A little food can go a long way.

10) Ask him to learn a Sefer with you

There is nothing more that a Jewish a father wants to hear than his child asking him to learn with him b’chavruta. Pick up the Little Midrash Says, Pireki Avot or a Gemara depending on the age and enjoy your precious learning time together.

By Aviva Jacobs

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