December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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The Shpielmans Have Arrived Just in Time for Chanukah

Come meet the Shpielmans – a Jewish family of toy figures combining quality with extra fun – perfect for children, and designed beautifully enough for a museum. 

The Shpielmans figures promote Jewish values, depicting various traditions within our religion and encouraging acceptance of those differences. All the Shpielmans family members have unprecedented details of visual and functional design, allowing motion of the limbs, and the ability to grasp the Jewish themed accessories such as wine, challah, candles, washing cups, and more. The Shpielmans are the first of several families that will show many aspects of Jewish holidays and typical family life.

The Shpielmans are manufactured and marketed by GlattPlay, a NJ-based startup that quickly recognized the beauty, quality and vision for a new type of Jewish toy.  GlattPlay, has been the driving force to take the Shpielmans through a complex manufacturing process. The Shpielmans production team made five trips to China over the last 18 months, pushing for nothing less than a stunning product. GlattPlay’s mission is to produce the highest quality toys starting with the Jewish world, with plans to create top quality, socially conscious toys for various cultures throughout the world.

“There has yet to be a toy of this quality created for the Jewish community,” said designer Mr. Siboni. 

Mr. Miller of GlattPlay remarked, “We’re very excited to inspire consumers to expect better toys geared for our children.”  GlattPlay intends to introduce other Jewish lifestyles as well. Mr. Miller continued, “Jewish families may be different, but we have more in common than we think. We hope our children will become more inclusive and less judgmental as a result of these toys.” Mr. Miller added that he feels the toys will appeal to secular and perhaps non Jewish families taking interest in Jewish Customs. 

The initial reaction to the Shpielmans has been tremendous. Yonason Schwartz of Chazak Distribution says, “My customers have never seen such a toy!  The attention to detail, definition, and reality in these toys is unparalleled. Everyone is so excited. Finally a quality toy we can relate to!” Several parents have confessed to us, that after their children go to sleep, they take out the toys and have more fun with them, than their children.

Rachel Gross of Bergenfield NJ was Teaneck’s first customer, having bought a large family pack at the Ohr Torah Chanukah Bazaar. Mrs. Gross exclaimed, “I am looking forward to spending our first Shabbos with the Shpielmans, who will be joining us at our Shabbos table. My kids are really excited.” 

To meet the Shpielmans personally, please visit a toy store near you or go to  Get ready to play!

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