April 8, 2024
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April 8, 2024
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The Trendiest Wedding Hairstyles for 2023

Wedding season has officially begun! As I am busy preparing the sheitels of many excited kallahs, their moms, sisters and bridesmaids, all want to know how best to wear their hair or wig for their upcoming simcha. Typically, they wonder if the current sheitel they own can be used to achieve the hairstyle they would like, or if they are better off purchasing an additional piece. Additionally, mothers and mother-in-laws who do not typically cover their hair wonder if there is something they can wear that will look natural, while covering their hair during the chuppah.

The first item to consider when choosing a hairstyle for an upcoming simcha is the silhouette of the dress. The hair and makeup should complement the style of the dress. When a woman is wearing an elaborate dress with many details, I recommend going with a simpler hairstyle. a less ornate fabric can handle a more detailed hairstyle that can be enhanced with hair jewelry.

The next issue to take into consideration is the location of the wedding. I recommend sweeping all of one’s hair or wig off of one’s neck for outdoor weddings. A full updo will keep you cooler and you will be better able to enjoy the dancing without having to worry about your hair.

You then need to decide which type of wig or fall you will be wearing. Some wigs look amazing when styled in an updo, while others will look too “wiggy” and are best to wear down. Others are cut with too many short layers, are too thick, or or the hair is sewn in a specific direction that won’t allow for the hair to be styled in a way that you would like. Below are some of 2023’s trendiest wedding hairstyles, as well as a guide as to which sheitel you will need to easily achieve your desired look.

Choosing to Wear One’s Hair/Wig Down

For a long time there was an unspoken rule that those in the bridal party need to wear their hair up in some way. However, the only important factor to consider when choosing your hairstyle is that you feel the most beautiful version of yourself. If you are the type of person who can comfortably wear your hair or wig down throughout the wedding (including dancing), without fussing over it too much, then that’s what you should go for.

A classic and sleek blow-out is ageless and will stand the test of time in photos for years to come. Lace wigs look beautiful and natural when styled with hair blown away from one’s face. The way the hair is sewn into the lace allows it to easily stay off the face while maintaining a natural look. The traditional silk-top wigs do not work well for this style. They look more natural with bangs, or when one pulls out some of their own hair over the wig so that the wig line is blended.

Another popular look is the “Old Hollywood Glam Waves.” On longer hair, it looks more like a uniform style of wave. It can be accessorized with a comb, crystal or hair jewels. This is a glamorous and polished look, and works well for a traditional wedding ceremony. This style can be easily transformed into an updo, which is why many brides opt for this look during the chuppah. Wearing your hair down throughout the entire simcha works best for weddings held mainly indoors, as the weather will not affect the style. If choosing to wear your hair down, make sure the stylist styles your hair tighter then it needs to be, so that it will last the entire simcha.

Low Chignon

Soft sophistication is all the rage. Natural, weightless waves and undone textures secured into soft low buns, with face-framing pieces, will create a flattering, soft and romantic look for any type of sheitel or fall. All the hair is swept up and off the neck, keeping you cool and frizz-free throughout the entire simcha. A professional stylist will be able to create this look, which photographs well from any angle. A structured bun at one’s nape, paired with soft strands falling along the face, is ideal for sheitel wearers, as it easily hides the places that the sheitel tends to look “wiggy.” Since this style holds well in both outdoor weather and while on the dance floor, it is the perfect choice for summer and outdoor weddings.

Half Up, Half Down

The classic half-up, half-down look can be done in so many ways to fit one’s style. Ideally, this style would have a couple of loose, wavy tendrils framing the face but can be altered to include lots of volume through the front, braided, or kept subtle with just a few pieces pulled away from the face. This look can be created to look modern or romantic or anywhere in between, and can be enhanced with a great balayage color, or natural sun-kissed highlights.This style is perfect for those who want to wear their hair down, while keeping it off of their face. Both lace wigs and falls can be used to achieve this look.


Another top pick is the classic updo style. These styles accentuate one’s beautiful facial and neck features while allowing you to dance all night long without getting too hot. This style is ideal for weddings taking place in Israel, as it will keep you cool throughout the wedding. This look is ideal for those who wear kippah falls or updo wigs. Make sure the wig is lightweight and has a lower density so that it will not be too heavy on your head.

Flowery Braids

Everyone wants to look “done but undone,” a style that took loads of effort, but seems as though we only spent five minutes on it. Flowery braids are in, and perfect for all those wearing bohemian flowy dresses. Weaving flowers through the hair does not have to be reserved for braids alone. Decorating one’s hair with flowers works great for outdoor weddings, especially those on the beach or with a country vibe.

Tight Buns and Modern Buns

This look oozes elegance and simplicity and will be super-popular this season. Often kallahs like to wear their hair down for the chuppah and then pin it up for dancing. This summer, many kallahs will choose to pin it up in a bun of some kind. Allow the kallah to have the spotlight, and stay away from this style. (Also note that this look is harder to achieve using wigs and/or falls, so if you are a kallah who will be wearing a sheitel to your wedding, best to opt for a different look.)

No matter which style you choose, make sure to choose a wig that you love, will be comfortable wearing throughout the simcha, and will work with the hairstyle you choose. It is always best to do a trial with the stylist you will be using, so that they know how to work with your piece, and ensure that you are happy with the way you look and feel.

Check that your wig is in perfect condition several weeks before the wedding, (as coloring and repairing wigs are extremely time consuming). Check the color towards the crown of the wig to make sure it has not oxidized. A rooting on the wig will prevent the top from looking orange and reddish, and other undesirable tones in the wig that photographs tend to accentuate. Consider softening the color of darker wigs by adding baby-lights around the face frame and toward the tips of the wig.

It is always ideal to have your wig prepped ahead of time so that it takes less time for the stylist to work on your head. Ideally, all updos should be done on your head the day of the event to make sure that all hairs stay in place, and so that the stylist can make sure that your wig is securely pinned to your head.

After all is done, remember to smile, relax, and enjoy your simcha. Mazal tov!

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs, located in Teaneck. She is a licensed cosmetologist and a certified wig maker. She is available for consults and can be reached via texting at 201-694-5319. Follow her @sariswigs

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