June 20, 2024
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June 20, 2024
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Thnx Thx Thanks: You’re Welcome

Dear Shayna B,

I have a problem that I wanted to ask you about for advice. In my class, as well as many other classes, we have a group chat. Our class group chat is a WhatsApp group where we text each other and ask each other questions about homework and other school assignments. When we text each other, there are some abbreviations that we like to use. For example, instead of the word thanks, people write thx.

My problem is that I write thnx instead of thx. You might say, what is the big deal, so what? Well it is apparently a big deal to other kids and it really bothers them. They are not offended by it, they just think I am wrong, and so we have had this argument for a while. So to solve the problem I told them I would write to you for advice. This has been going on for a long time and I still think I am right.

Who do you think is right? What should I do?


Frustrated Faiga

Dear F. F.,

Since neither is technically a word I’m not sure I can tell you which is “right,” but I’m happy to be your tie breaker. I also love to give my advice, so here it is.

Five internet sites say thnx is the correct replacement for thanks, but 10 internet sites say thx is the correct replacement for thanks. More importantly though, YOU should write whatever YOU think YOU should write however YOU think YOU should write it.

You can always copy a few links to sites as “proof” that you are right. So as l was saying, even though thnx is less popular, it’s still a way. You are just as right to write thnx as thx. Remember to be yourself and not what others want you to be. So, TY for hearing me out and congrats on finishing the school year. Best of all, no more WhatsApp class groups for at least 2 months!

Best of luck,

Shayna B.

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Shayna is a fifth grader and understands what kids in elementary school are going through. She is happy to help others navigate this tricky time. She can be reached at [email protected]. She is looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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