May 23, 2024
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May 23, 2024
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Tips for Selling Your Home


When selling your home, every small step you take can end up making a big difference. There are lots you should do (and shouldn’t) if you want the best shot at selling for an optimal price, as well as ensuring the process is smooth. Selling your home can be a very stressful process, but fortunately, there’s plenty of resources out there that can help to give you advice. 

Pay Attention to Your Landscaping

Landscaping equals curb appeal. When trying to sell your house, landscaping makes a huge difference. It can help to lure in potential buyers and makes your property stand out. Landscaping is the epitome of making first impressions count, and when selling a home, first impressions are everything. It bolsters the curb appeal of your home and shows off the house and property’s features. Since first impressions are so important, make sure the home’s front entrance is also looking incredible. You want people to feel impressed and comfortable as soon as they walk in. If they start off loving the house, it puts a positive spin on the whole showing. 


When selling, decluttering your home is critical. You don’t want a bunch of clutter lying around when you show your home, it’s offputting to potential buyers. You need to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, and to do so, decluttering is an essential step. When decluttering, you should also try to remove any personal effects such as family photos. This will help buyers to envision themselves living in the home. You should also make sure that any valuables are safely locked away.

Go Old School With a Yard Sign

Nowadays, almost all of the sales marketing process is done online, but in some circumstances, a good old lawn sign can go a long way. If you live in a fairly well-trafficked area, you can draw in buyers with a yard sign, expanding your outreach and improving your chances of finding a buyer. 

Use a Professional Photographer

Great pictures paint a wonderful first impression, and one of the easiest ways to impress buyers is with professional photography. An experienced nj real estate photographer will make your home shine and show it in its best light. It’s worth it to invest in a professional photographer to draw in buyers from the get-go. 

Opt for a Video Tour

Similarly, a video tour is a great way to upgrade your home’s listing. Video tours entice a buyer, they also give off an air of professionalism and show that you’re really serious about selling. If you want to ensure you have a plethora of buyers viewing your home, a video tour is certainly something to consider.

Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Nothing will put a buyer off more than a dirty home. And sometimes, you might be so busy and stressed from the sales process that you don’t have hours on end to dedicate to a deep clean. If you want to make sure your home is in top condition for showing, hiring a professional cleaner to get it show-ready is a great idea.

Organize Your Closets

You might not like the thought of it, but buyers will snoop. Buyers are also attracted to storage space. Organize your closets and consider removing some of the items to show the space off even more.

Take Advantage of Good Lighting

Open the blinds and curtains, because good, bright, natural light is a home seller’s best friend. Light makes spaces look bigger, brighter, and much more appealing. Many buyers say that good light is something they look for when viewing a home, so let the light in!

Get The Pets Out The House

We’re sure you have the world’s cutest cat or friendliest dog, but home showings aren’t the time to let them loose around the house. Buyers might have allergies, or some may just not like animals (weird, we know). You don’t want to put buyers off or distract them during the showing, even if your puppy is adorable. Similarly, get rid of the cat litter and the dog food bowl, it’s stinky and can be offputting. 

Pay Particular Attention to the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the center of the home and often a huge factor in what buyers are looking for. If you’re going to pay extra close attention to showing off any part of your house, the kitchen should be it. If you’re putting some money into your home before you list it, making upgrades in the kitchen is a great idea. New appliances, a fresh coat of paint, upgraded cabinets… all of these things can entice a buyer and also get you a better return on your investment.

Get Rid Of Bad Smells

Any odors will immediately put off buyers. Make sure your house smells fresh and clean, but you might want to avoid lighting scented candles. Some buyers can have an allergic reaction triggered by the smell. Address any odors around the house before showings. And avoid cooking with lots of garlic and onion right before buyers show up! 

Listen To Your Real Estate Agent

Your realtor is a great resource when it comes to staging your home for showing. Your real estate agent will know what needs to be repaired and can give you some great tips on how to show the best side of your property so buyers just can’t resist!

Overall, showing your house the right way can bag buyers, but not doing your due diligence before you show your home can put people off easily. Make sure your house is in tip-top condition before you have showings, and ensure that you go to every necessary length to draw in potential buyers and give yourself the best chance at selling for a great price! 

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