December 8, 2023
December 8, 2023

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Tragedy in Israel: What Is the Correct Response?

The tragic murder of yet another Jew in the Land of Israel raises a host of possibilities for a response. The answer to this latest act of Arab bravery—stabbing an unarmed individual in the back—depends on one’s perspective. The Middle Eastern response would be to execute the murderer, his whole family and barrel bomb his whole village. An Israeli response would be to sentence him in court to a hundred years, knowing full well he may be traded away in another prisoner swap of thousands of Arab murderers for murdered Jews. A leftist response would be to wring our hands, wonder where we went wrong and blame the Jews for having the temerity to breathe the air of the Land of Israel. A Zionist response would be to create a massive settlement right at the spot of the murder, housing thousands of people and naming the site after the victim. We know what will happen and we know what should happen. It would certainly change the reality of Israel if the right thing would happen.

Scott David Lippe, MD

Fair Lawn

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