December 4, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Transformer Table: The Table That Broke the Internet

It’s the table that broke the internet. So why is this furniture company, Transformer Table, different from all other furniture companies?

Transformer Table has taken the world by storm, and why not? After all, the website describes its product as having “space-saving adjustability and multi-functionality” and who couldn’t use that in their lives?

The Transformer Table concept was born just about six years ago when Zaur and Dzera Pkhalagov first moved into their condo and discovered one slight problem. The young couple, who loved to entertain, had looked forward to hosting big gatherings for friends and family.

They knew they needed a big table with lots of seating. But in their condo, a piece of furniture like that would be way too big, overtake the whole home and look downright ridiculous. Their dilemma was not uncommon and is one they shared with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Ideally, they needed something they could use when they had company, where friends and family could all sit comfortably together, and then easily be put away when their guests left.

With necessity being the mother of invention, Dzera’s brother, Soslan Tsoutsiev, managed to come up with a seemingly ideal solution. Armed with a background in engineering and mining, he crafted what might just be the most innovative piece of furniture—a 10-foot table and bench that not only seats 12 people comfortably, but can then be easily transformed into a small, 18-inch console that can double as a perfect side table.

Soslan had solved the dilemma.

Another friend, Alex Doré, then decided to make a video of himself with the “prototype,” showing how the table works as it extends to its full size and then collapses to the console. The friends posted the video to Facebook where it garnered over 4.5 million views within two weeks. They knew then that they had something very big and very special on their hands. They took a chance they knew would pay off and ordered three containers worth of material.

So Soslan, Zaur and Alex, along with four other friends, Richard Mabley, Cedric Deltandre, Artem Kuzmichev and Holland Wabie, who all knew each other from different stages of their lives, all came together to establish the company called Transformer Table, a veritable family business that specializes in manufacturing a product that has captivated millions.

Six months later, with product in hand, the team began presales and business was officially booming. Which makes perfect sense considering it just might be the most perfect solution for people who want the benefit of hosting a large crowd comfortably without taking up a substantial amount of space.

Following a few rounds of Kickstarters, the Transformer Table emerged as the most crowdfunded furniture project to ever come out of Canada, and the business has continued to grow, crowdfunding more than $5.5 million altogether. Now in its sixth year, Transformer Table has become Instagram’s No. 1 product video in the history of the social media platform, its seventh-most-watched video ever with 127 million views, and has since been featured on Forbes, Business Insider and “Shark Tank.”

All seven founders each took the reins of every aspect of their newfound business venture and turned it into one of the most innovative furniture companies today that boasts an unbeatable social media presence.

“As soon as we made the video we knew we had to make his product … We knew we had something special,” said Artem Kuzmichev, co-founder and chief of media and marketing for Transformer Table.

So how does the Transformer Table work? The genius is in its simplicity. An 18-inch console that can double as a cozy, ideal table for two features a telescopic mechanism allowing for customization of up to 10 feet of seating space simply by adding one to five panels that are easily clipped underneath. The table can be assembled by just one person and can hold up to 750 pounds. Best of all, it is ready to be used right out of the box.

“That’s the magic of it,” Kuzmichev added. “It’s a genius idea and it really has that wow factor.”

Made of 100% solid hardwood, the Transformer Table is available in four finishes and samples can be requested through the company’s website.

If you’re in the market for some comfortable seating that can be customized specifically for the needs of your house, Transformer Table also has a variety of modular couches with all kinds of configurations to best suit your space.

Transformer Table’s line of patio furniture features hidden seating and adjustable features allowing for dozens of configurations for the ultimate experience in outdoor luxury living.

Also on the horizon, Transformer beds, computer desks and a whole outdoor collection that even includes a bar cart.

Simply visit their site, make your selection and start enjoying your Transformer product in as little as seven to 10 days. Financing options are available at checkout through Bread Financing. Customers can choose 6, 12, 18 or 24-month payment plans.

“We are not just any other furniture company,” said Kuzmichev. “We don’t make regular furniture. We want to help people save space, be accommodating and be able to make the best use of what they have at home … It really speaks to a lot of people.”

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