September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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‘Twilighting’: 2020’s Newest Color Trend

You’ve all heard of highlighting, ombre and balyage; now get ready for this winter’s coolest hair-coloring technique—twighlighting! Twilighting is a technique that is a blend of balyage, a free-form, hand-painted technique, and baby lights, super-fine, subtle highlights that use foil, to create a natural, dimensional look. This technique looks great on brunettes, who would like to incorporate warm, golden hue undertones. It allows for darker-haired individuals to opt for a lighter, more trendy, but not too drastic new look.

2020 hair color is all about harmony and balance. It’s about blending rich shades with a natural and fresh look. So whatever your hair color is, there is a shade and palette this season that will work for you. Silver-blond hair, meaning very ash blond hair, has always been popular. Women with this type of blond like to avoid brassiness and don’t understand why their blonds get so orangey or yellow looking. To keep this from happening, make sure your blond wigs are being washed periodically with purple shampoo and are toned often to avoid that brassy color from occurring. Caramel highlights are a very trending color and usually an easy color to achieve on wig hair. A base color of chocolate brown with caramel highlights swirled in looks striking. This look can be very pretty and low key when the highlights are scattered evenly throughout the wig. Alternatively, balyaging the caramel in with face-framing highlights will create a very dramatic look. To keep the highlights looking glossy, spray them with a shine spray, or maintain with a biosilk-like serum.

Ladies, I don’t mean to alarm you, but if you’re looking for that new Pesach look, now is the time to start thinking! Whether you want to transform an old sheital into something new, or start fresh with a completely new piece, I would highly recommend you start booking your appointments now. Not only will you get more time and attention from your wig stylist during the month of February than you’ll get once she is bombarded with the “March Pesach Madness,” you will have enough time to perfect your look with all the different tweaks it might need to make you feel comfortable and confident in your piece. Remember it takes time to adjust and feel confident in a new piece. I generally advise when purchasing a wig, “service it less, wear it more.” You can always cut, thin, color and take in more; reversing these services are time-consuming and costly.

Everyone has that old piece sitting in their closet taking up space. If you’re not quite ready to donate it to a sheital gemach, then consider revamping the piece with a complete cut and color. So many of my clients have done this, and they can’t believe that it is the same piece they dropped off by me. All their friends think they purchased a completely new wig! Often, I can even convert an old piece to a completely diffrent type of piece. I have converted sheitals to falls, hat falls or even kippah falls. Customers are elated that they got a “new piece” for a fraction of the price.

It always feels great to go to the Seder with a fresh new look. Switching up one’s hair color on either an old or new piece is a fun and easy way to add style to your look. When picking a new look in color, its best to take into account the color of your skin and eyes and then choose complementary colors for your skin tone. Another factor to consider is your bone structure. Believe it or not, strategically placing highlights and or lowlights in specific areas can enhance the features you like most. A highly trained colorist that is up on the a latest hair-coloring trends will help you to achieve the look that suit you best.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist and certified wigmaker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

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