July 23, 2024
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July 23, 2024
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Ungarbling Ordering Apps: First Up, Curbngo

Curbngo The Garb I.T. Consulting Group offices are close to some of the top kosher restaurants on earth. Hence all our clients would rather meet at our offices than their own. Clients know they will get treated to a delectable array of food, most of which happens to be kosher, so I am in and out of our local Teaneck restaurants all the time.

At the same time, and for the past couple of months, I have been writing about using apps and websites that assist in ordering hardware items, as well as food, dry goods and the like. In the coming weeks, I have scheduled reviews of more ordering apps. All of this will, of course, come with the UnGarbled-Tech spin, which explains why these apps stand apart from other similar apps.

What I want my readers to keep in mind as they read my column is that delivery isn’t for lazy people, though it certainly can be. I know as a Brooklyn native, that delivery, in earlier years, was the only way mom-and-pop establishments could survive. Grocery stores that didn’t deliver could never compete. Imagine living in a five-floor walk-up or an apartment building with zero parking; you better believe you’re ordering in all your groceries! Whatever they charged to deliver was worth it.

But back to our Teaneck gastronomy scene: I noticed the Curbngo app sticker on the outside of Chickies, of which I have been a dedicated patron for years. Our group did the reboot on their state-of-the-art point of sale technology, phone system and PCs for the new owners’ retail store and new office. I asked Chickies about the Curbngo app, and I immediately heard a name I recognized: Chaim Silberstein. I quickly reached out to Chaim to hear more about the app. But, as an engineer, I used the app first before giving him a ring.

I asked Chaim some questions, which he answered extremely well, so I’m printing our Q&A below:

UnGarbled-Tech: What was the “a-ha” moment that sparked the development of Curbngo? Silberstein: I was trying to make an order for a client meeting at a popular restaurant. My time was short and the clients were waiting. After calling the restaurant a few times and being put on hold, I was able to place my order by phone. I finally found parking, ran in and grabbed my order. There was no time to check it. I got to the meeting, unpacked and most of the items were wrong or forgotten. Needless to say, the meeting didn’t start out on a good note. There was no time to reorder or go back to the restaurant. I said to myself, “There has to be a better way.”

UnGarbled-Tech: I downloaded the app, which takes less than a minute from the Apple store or Google’s playstore. The app is very simple to set up, no complicated windows or scrolling screens. I picked a restaurant. I scrolled through the menu while yelling out to my wife and kids what they wanted. I was in no rush at all. I was a bit skeptical, to be honest. Throughout the whole food-preparing process, Curbngo sends texts and push notifications, such as “the food is being prepared,” and “the food is ready.” The app even alerted the restaurant that I was in front and to bring the food to the curb.

When I came to pick up the order, the restaurant knew I was there. The entire order was perfect and exactly what I expected. I figured there has to be some catch. I didn’t even notice a delivery price and the food was exactly the same as [at] the restaurant.

Silberstein: No catch. Curbngo is not just an ordering app. There is no cost to the restaurant and a $1 charge to the patron. The back end of Curbngo uses proprietary analytics that can supply historical data to the restaurant.

Don’t worry, we are not selling this data to third parties. The data is to help the restaurant better serve its patrons. The patrons may receive a special on their birthday or send out new menu items at one of your favorite eateries you may frequent often. At Curbngo, the payment information is securely stored on your account with a favorites option. The first time takes a couple of minutes; next order you place will take moments. Curbngo is perfect for the person with little time, from soccer moms, dads, doctors, lawyers, teenagers, schools or anyone who needs a quick app to order, and reorder, food. I am a father of two and business owner and I use the app myself.

UnGarbled-Tech: What exciting and exclusive details can you share just for our Jewish Link of NY/NJ readers?

Silberstein: Curbngo is constantly striving to make the ordering experience easy and quick. Our sales team is signing up new restaurants daily. Curbngo welcomes feedback and suggestions for new restaurants to add to the Curbngo app. What I can share with your readers is Curbngo is one-stop shopping, no complicated apps to download. Some of your favorite restaurants may not be set up for delivery or even pick up. Curbngo spends the time to create the online menu with both the patron and the restaurateur in mind. Stay tuned—development is already in production to offer more services.

Also, for a limited time, Curbngo is offering 10 percent off many of Curbngo restaurants. From time to time Curbngo may offer an exclusive discount to the Jewish Link of NY/NJ Ungarbled-Tech readers. For the month of June:

One lucky winner will win a $75 credit in their Curbngo account.

Download the Curbngo app.

Like Facebook.com/UnGarbledtech and https://www.facebook.com/JLinkNJ

On both Facebook pages, type #curbngoUnGarbledtech and tag three friends. No duplicate Facebook friend entries, please.

Good luck!

The Curbngo app can be downloaded from curbngo.com or at your Apple store or Google play.

By Shneur Garb

Shneur Garb is the CEO and founder of The Garb I.T. Consulting Group and 1to1Chromebooks.

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