July 23, 2024
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July 23, 2024
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Welcome Home to CareOne at Teaneck

(Courtesy of CareOne at Teaneck) Elegant. Lovely. Exquisite. These are among the adjectives Administrator Jean Monnecka hears guests use over and over again when they walk through the doors of CareOne at Teaneck to visit their loved ones.

“There’s a reason our residents feel at home here,” she says of the facility, which provides sub-acute rehabilitation and long-term care in a warm, gracious environment for 128 residents. “We take great care to make them feel welcome.”

CareOne at Teaneck residents enjoy the comforts of home from the moment they step inside. The stylish, newly-renovated center—located just minutes from the George Washington Bridge in Teaneck—offers all of the amenities one could hope for, including landscaped gardens, engaging gathering spots, a restaurant-style dining room that overlooks an expansive patio and a bright, beautiful synagogue with an on-site rabbi to offer spiritual guidance.

To make residents’ rooms even more homey, CareOne encourages guests to bring furniture, artwork, pictures and other beloved memorabilia from home, all of which is professionally moved at no cost.

Besides its elegant, restful environment and picturesque grounds, there are many reasons CareOne at Teaneck is the top choice for both sub-acute rehabilitative care and long-term living:

Five-Star Rating: CareOne at Teaneck received a five-star rating in their most recent state survey in January (a designation reserved for the top nursing facilities in the country since only around 10% of facilities are five stars) from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“We’re extremely proud of our rating,” said Monnecka, noting that the facility admits and discharges about 100 patients per month. “Our ultimate goal is to get people feeling better and back into their homes, and we have a lot of success doing that.” The center also has an impressive record of retaining and promoting its nursing staff, so longer-term residents get to know their caregivers on a personal level. “We become part of our residents’ families, and they become part of ours.”

Serving the Jewish Community: CareOne at Teaneck welcomes people of all faiths and offers a variety of programs for those of the Jewish faith. The center is glatt kosher, cholov Yisrael and Pas Yisrael under the strict kosher supervision of the Star-K and CRC-Hisachdus. The facility also has an on-site shul with Orthodox Shabbat and Yom Tov minyanim. Rabbi Mordechai Feuerstein is the facility chaplain, offering spiritual guidance to all residents.

In addition, there are shiurim and other exciting activities year round that are related to Jewish holidays. Residents, their families, and members of the community are invited to take part in minyanim and celebrations.

“Our Jewish community is wider than just our facility,” Monnecka said. Every year on Purim, CareOne at Teaneck has Megilla reading, minyanim and dozens of high school and college students dressed in costumes who come to sing, dance and celebrate with the residents. On Lag B’Omer there is a bonfire in the backyard with music and dancing with residents and family members. On Sukkot there is a Chol Hamoed carnival. Care One at Teaneck will be fully kosher for Pesach. There will be sedarim with the rabbi. There is availability for short term respite stays if someone would like to come for Pesach.

Residents can also take advantage of frequent outings, daily activities and celebrations customized to their unique interests and hobbies. “We take pride in getting to know each resident and in creating programs to nurture their mind, body and spirit,” Monnecka said.

Rabbi Zarnighian is the Shabbat rabbi at CareOne at Teaneck. “As the Shabbos rabbi of CareOne at Teaneck, I have had the privilege to work alongside many inspirational and courageous residents and faculty,” he said. “Whatever one’s faith or background may be, our family at CareOne welcomes everyone to join us for spiritual and physical growth. Sometimes we can use help getting a minyan on Shabbos. Please feel free to reach out to me at 516-404-0075 if you would like to join us for minyanim or if you have any questions, comments or concerns.”

Innovative Care: In addition to providing high-quality specialty clinical programs, such as memory care and on-site MD specialists, CareOne at Teaneck leverages the latest technologies to help patients get back on their feet faster. A shining example is CareOne’s use of the AlterG Treadmill, a new type of treadmill that uses “unweighting technology” to reduce a patient’s body weight by up to 80%. Designed originally for astronauts, the AlterG offers rehab patients a painless way to exercise much earlier in their recovery. Studies have shown that returning to activity as early as possible helps prevent muscle atrophy, decrease swelling and improve patient outcomes.

CareOne has also eliminated the hassle of waiting for medication deliveries by creating a Pharmacy Passport machine (The only one of its kind in the state of New Jersey) which allows patients to receive their medications on-site. And it has an on-site lab so residents can get lab work done within the comforts of the facility.

These services are just a few ways CareOne continually endeavors to enhance the patient experience.

“People see we’re different the moment they walk through our doors,” Monnecka said. “Whether patients stay for just a few days or become long-term members of our family, CareOne Teaneck is a special place they are proud to call ‘home.’”

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