May 30, 2024
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May 30, 2024
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When Pediatric Home Care Becomes an Option

When people think about home care, often older adults come to mind first. However, not everyone is aware that Pediatric Home Care is one of the fastest growing healthcare fields. With modern advances in medical surgical procedures and life sustaining equipment, outcomes have improved for preterm infants, trauma patients and children treated in the hospital for a variety of medical conditions and issues, and have increased this population receiving home care services. Payment sources have increasingly looked to home care nursing services as a cost effective route to caring for medically fragile children for the short as well as long term. It has been recognized that children with special needs thrive better in the comfort of their homes. Families benefit as well as they are able to go home with a sense of normalcy.

So, what situations might qualify a family to receive home nursing services? A family may seek home nursing services for a variety of reasons but one common factor is that their child needs daily nursing care that goes beyond the needs of most children. Some examples of children who qualify for home care nursing include but are NOT limited to;

Respiratory compromised children; a child requiring oxygen, C-PAP or BI-PAP, ventilator and/or tracheostomy.

Cardiac compromised children; prematurity related, complex medication regimen.

Neurologically compromised children; seizure, traumatic brain injury, congenital anomalies, cerebral palsy.

Children requiring feeding tubes or have difficulty feeding.

Again, these are only a few examples of conditions that qualify for home care. If there is any question as to if a child will qualify, speak with Star Pediatric Home Cares’ Clinical Director, who will be able to begin assessment on the phone and further asses the child at home or in the hospital.

Below are some commonly asked questions about pediatric home care?

1) Who is in charge for the care of my child when the nurse is present? The parents are in the command seat for the care of the child at all times. The nurse is there to provide medical support and expertise as well as provide total care of the child including medication administration, feeding, administering therapies, taking care of all the medical equipment as well as attending to child’s personal care needs.

2) How will I know how to care for my child after leaving the hospital? The home care nurse will provide additional support and training after discharged home.

3) Is a nurse able to accompany my child to school? Yes it is possible to have a nurse provide this service.

4) Can a nurse accompany me with my child to doctor’s appointments? Yes. In fact, it is desirable to have a nurse accompany to the doctor if the doctor has detailed instructions.

5) Can I leave when the nurse is there caring for my child? Absolutely! The nurse is there to care for your child and when they are on their shift that is the only responsibility they have… care for the child. Often the care is over night and the parents should get the much needed sleep they deserve.

6) One of the nurses assigned to my case has the proper skills but just isn’t a good fit for my family, what should I do? Call the agency and let them know. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable.

7) Is it okay to become friends with the nurses that care for my child? Nurses and families need to maintain the same professional relationship at home as in the hospital. Crossing these boundaries can lead to undesirable outcomes, stress and may effect care.

8) Do I need Medicaid to receive coverage? It depends on your private insurance carrier and the benefits provided in the policy. In some cases private insurance will cover it entirely and others Medicaid may be needed to supplement or cover care in its entirety.

9) What if Medicaid denies coverage? If Medicaid denies a claim for home health care instructions on how to appeal will be provided in the denial letter.

10) What if I do not qualify for Medicaid? There are many programs that still may be able to provide assistance in covering the cost of home care including waivers and other programs.

11) I have already been discharged from the hospital and feel like I may need home care services, what should I do? Call us at Star Pediatric Home Care and we can help determine if you qualify for home health services.

Many families may not realize that they qualify for home nursing care. Navigating the insurance process can feel like an overwhelming task. Coordinating all of the doctor’s orders, medical equipment and other needs of the child may be overwhelming. Star Pediatric Home Care Agency is experienced in working with the religious Jewish community and can help you through the process, ease your concerns and become a partner in caring for your child. Star Pediatric Home Care Agency can help you get the services you need, and help your child thrive at home.

Star Pediatric Home Care; our goal is to help children shine, one at a time.

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