June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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Where to Dine in Montreal 

RES means reservation suggested!

Compared to the NY/NJ area, restaurants are far less expensive in Montreal


A Bowled Cafe: Fresh healthy and on the go meals (a few tables)

5476 Queen Mary

514 242 3011


Benny & Fils: Shwarma, burgers, chicken, french fries etc

4944 Queen Mary

514 735 5858


Benny & Fils: Downtown location

575 De Maissoneuve W

514 842 7575


Bistro: Lots of Moroccan specials. Shabbat Box for take out

5663 Royalmount

514 731 1862


Chiyoko Sushi Bar: Fine Japanese dining and steakhouse (RES) (upscale)

2113 St Louis, St Laurent

514 804 0581


Cavendish Mall (Quartier Cavendish):

At least five kosher establishments in the food court. Take your pick and let your children play at the indoor playground right next to it. Nothing like it except in Israel. (not even American Dream yet!)

5800 Cavendish Blvd Cote St Luc


Cafe Navire: Artisanal Kosher Coffee Bar

1273 Van Horne

514 495 9734

Chops: Asian-Fusion steakhouse and sushi bar  (upscale)  RES

53522 Queen Mary Road

514 759 4677


District Bagel: Great bagels, salads, omelets, etc

  1. 709 Lucerne Rd 514 735 1174 (close to hotels mentioned)
  2. 5679 Park Avenue 514 735 1174


Eden’s Nosh Bar:  Burgers, steak sandwiches,salad etc (take out only) (on Uber Eats)

5525 Westminster Ave

Cote St Luc

514 484 7070


Farino Pizza: Pizza and delicious desserts  (take out or tables)

6166 Cote St Luc Road

(514) 360-8655


Habayta : Dairy

5400 Westbury Avenue    (restaurant in YMHA on Westbury)


High Tea at the Ritz Carlton:  RES (Must make reservations in advance!!!!!!!!!)

1228 Sherbrooke Street    (Well worth it to treat yourself and feel like royalty.)

514 482 4212 (ask to make reservations with kosher menu)


La Notte: Very popular full serve dairy restaurant

5751 Monkland Avenue

(For tables outside make reservations)


Le Pletzel: (In Chabad House)

11 – 4

3429 Peel Street

514 400 5147

Leyley’s Kitch by Elna: Really delicious dairy

Decarie Square 6900 Decarie Blvd  2nd floor

514 564 3462


Pizza Gourmetti  Many pizzas, and other dairy fare

2075 St Louis in St Laurent

514 739 707


Pzza Pita: All kinds of pizzas, soups, salads, pasta dishes (eat at tables outside)

5345 Vezina

514 731 7482


Restaurant Noraka: Thai/Oriental

(Great food) (Only opened for dinner)

4820 Jean Talon

514 733 2223


Saizen Sushi Bar: (Very yum as well)  RES

5177 Decarie

514 903 0505


Yakimono Kosher Sushi: Delicious sushi and fish dishes,  RES   (Extremely  popular)

4210   Decarie

514 484 1515


Restaurant Noraka: Thai/Oriental   (Great food)

4820 Jean Talon

514 733 2223


Jojo’s Pizza: (delivery only)

2020 W Broadway, Mtl

514 570 6600


Umai Soo She: (available for take out and delivery with few tables)

In Decarie Square, near the Lubavitch Yeshiva and other Ashkenazi shuls is the Decarie Mall, which shares a parking lot with Pizza Pita 6800 Decarie Blvd

514 659 1969

Take Out Food:

Kosher Quality Bakery: Everything you need

5855 Victoria

514 7331 7883 (ask for Mr Klein- tell him I sent you)


Deli 365: Great smoked meat, chopped liver etc, sandwiches, Shabbat food

365 Bernard Avenue

514 544 3354


Cheskie’s Bakery (Boulangerie): Next door to Deli 365 (Try the cheese crowns and rugelach. All delicious – bring some back)

359 Bernard Avenue

514 271 2253


La Marguerite: For an amazing taste of Moroccan specialities. Pastries too beautiful to eat (say  hi to Gabi). Only open Wed – Friday.

6630 Cote St Luc Road  in Cote St Luc

514 488 4111


Mehadrin Meat and Take Out

387 Bernard West

514 279 6351


Fooderie supermarket: All kosher and take out.

6680 Park Avenue (right next door to Lollipop children’s factory store)

514 279 3663


As you can see, Montreal is a mecca of amazing food choices. I have attempted to list them as best as I could. Forgive me if I made any omissions.

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