July 4, 2024
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July 4, 2024
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Why Is It That So Few See We Are On the Cliff Looking Toward WWIII?

A recent timeline. Not only is the kindling ready to ignite, but also the “logs are in the hearth.”

In 1972, President Nixon opened world markets to China and they now have reduced buying our debt.

In 1973, the Arab oil embargo started and they continue to hold us hostage.

In the 1980s, Middle Eastern studies departments at major U.S. universities were funded by the UAE and Saudi Arabia and today, not only are the professors brainwashed, but today’s students have joined in denouncing American values.

In 1987, our stock market turned black and today we have a third fewer stocks listed.

In 1993, there was the first bombing of the World Trade Center and they stood until 2001.

When the “imam” was flown over the towers on his way to prison, he was quoted saying, “They are only standing because we didn’t have a big enough bomb.”

In 2000, the PLO started its second intifada and the Jews are still fighting for their survival.

In 2005, the people of Gaza were given self-rule and freedom and today, with the money of the West, they built billion dollar tunnels of death instead of a real subway line linking some of the world’s beautiful beaches — a lost opportunity for their “future state” and their children.

In 2008, America elected its first Black president with the middle name of Hussein. And Hillary Clinton says it’s more important to gather New York state Muslim voters as the Jewish vote is declining.

By 2012, Iran, the sworn enemy of America, is on the verge of a nuclear weapon. The West gives them money to “slow” production. And recently, Iran has demonstrated it can launch hundreds of missiles into Israel.

In 2014, China continued to fortify its sea bases in the South China Sea. Today, its vastly enlarged military directly threatens Taiwan. It spread its might (as economic assistance) to many nations while trying to establish the yen as the world’s reserve currency.

In 2016, Trump was elected president, and for some “crazy” reason the dictators of the world were scared. It may not have been internally peaceful, but the U.S. felt strong and safe.

In 2020, COVID-19, or the “China virus,” was released. Darkness descended on the world. Operation “Warp Speed” created a vaccine, but the damage was done. It did help to expose the fragility and risk of the “global supply chain theory.” The world is not “flat.”

Somewhere in all this, the “smartphone” became so seductive that it took over as our primary method of communicating and gathering news. We lost our ability to listen and speak civilly to one another. Most find it difficult to obtain truthful and unbiased news reporting.

In 2022, Russia sought to reclaim its past empires’ “wheat fields” and did not care how many would die or how much blood would fill those fields in its glutinous quest.

Oct. 7, 2023, the Gazans, led by elected Hamas funded by Iran, once again broke its “ceasefire” and attacked the citizens of Israel. This act fully exposes the venomous “evil” of Hamas and the people of Gaza. They, with the funds of the West, educated their children to believe killing your neighbor is “just.” This hatred is now fully exposed to all who are not blind.

For 50 years, I used to think that it was the “Palestinians” who were being used as the “pawns” in a large international game of “chicken.” Now, I see that it is also the Jews who are caught in this net. This reality is a game of dominance between the West’s Judeo-Christian moral values and those radical followers of Islam. Americans should not be fooled; those persons with evil intent have embraced our open society and laws. And now they are using our systems as weapons against us all: a present danger not only to the Jews of Israel and America but to all freedom loving Americans. These persons of evil intent have helped destroy our love of country, service to our neighbors, belief in God and charity. If they prevail in Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, then America and the West may cease to exist as a country of tolerant, charitable people with open arms.

What can be done? We need to take back the rule of law and not allow lawfare or suppression of civil free speech to prevail. We need to talk civilly with our neighbors. We need to be willing to work hard, investing our time and financial assets to rebuild our means of production with trusted supply chains. We need to give aid and charity to those peoples and nations who support individual human rights in a way that demonstrates respect for each person. We need to elevate the love of life, which presents a hopeful future for our children above the “culture of death.”

We need to elect our representative leaders who share our love of freedom and capitalistic enterprise and represent these values in their legislative deeds and voting actions. For America’s and the world’s relative peace and prosperity to continue, we must not only “show strength” but have actual military preparedness, and the will to use it must be evident and certain to the forces of the “axis of evil.”

We shall prevail.
Hal A. Dorfman
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