Sunday, March 07, 2021

(Courtesy of Olim Advisors) For some, making aliyah is a lifelong dream fulfilled. For others, it’s more of a spontaneous decision. For some, it’s an opportunity to retire in a place that they want to call home. For others, it’s a time to start building a home. There are so many reasons why people make aliyah, but the one common thread that binds these reasons is that love for Israel and desire to live in this magical, spiritual, beautiful, historic and most unique country.

Making aliyah is a huge, life-altering decision and with it naturally come feelings of fear, anxiety, stress and second guessing. “I am a doing the right thing?” “Is this the right time to go?” “Is this the best decision for us and our kids?” “How will I get by without knowing Hebrew?” “Who will help us get settled?” These and many other questions go through Olims’ minds as they contemplate making aliyah. The answer and conclusion that many Olim arrive at is “I don’t know for sure, but I want to find out. I want to move to Israel and realize my dream.”

Once Olim reach this decision, their thoughts often turn to the practical questions and needs that they have: “Where will I live?” “Who will help us find a home?” “What will we do for a living?” “Who will help us with some of the main decisions like buying a car or appliances?” “Who will help me with my immediate needs once I arrive, like navigating the bureaucratic process of getting my rights and benefits, opening a bank account, setting up my internet and other utilities?” Olim often realize that the answers to these questions are easy while they’re living in their native country, but are complicated by the language barrier and new culture that will face them as they plan their aliyah and once they arrive in Israel.

Some Olim have friends and family to turn to. These are people who can answer some of their questions and guide them in the right direction. If they’re lucky, maybe some of these people will do some of the work for them. But most Olim either don’t have friends and family they can turn to or even more likely, they don’t want to burden their friends and family with hundreds of questions and requests.

This is where Olim Advisors comes in. Olim Advisors was started by two Olim whose sole purpose and intent is to make the aliyah process less overwhelming, less stressful and smoother. We hold the Olims’ hands and guide them as they grapple with decisions that relate to the practical needs and challenges that they face and as they plan their aliyah and once they arrive in Israel. We help Olim in many ways including finding a home, shipping their belongings, buying appliances, leasing or buying a car, setting up utilities, opening a bank account and registering for benefits with Misrad Haklita.

Since we’ve gone through the process of making aliyah we understand first-hand the concerns and trepidations that Olim face as they contemplate making aliyah. And since we’ve been living in Israel for years, speak Hebrew fluently and are well connected, we are well equipped to guide Olim through this process.

For most Olim, making aliyah is one of the biggest and best decisions they will have made during their lifetime. At the same time, it’s most likely one of the toughest decisions as well. Touching down at Ben Gurion Airport will be a culmination of days, weeks, months and often years fraught with conflicting emotions—optimism and concern, confidence and insecurity, excitement and trepidation. We recognize this and are here to help you at each step of the way.

For more information on how we can help you make aliyah, visit our website, www.olimadvisors.com; call us at 646-405-6976 (U.S.) or 052-380-6020 (Israel); or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you realize your dream of making aliyah and living in a country that so many of us are blessed to call home.