Wednesday, July 28, 2021

(Courtesy of Eretz HaKodesh) The Israel Interior Ministry has approved a plan for entry of students from abroad for the beginning of Elul 5781. According to the new plan, and per the lessons learned from the past year, the arrival of students will be coordinated by the Igud HaYeshivos and Seminaries of Bnei Chul following instructions from the Israel Immigration Authority and the Ministry of the Interior. It was agreed that any student who presented a certificate of vaccination or recovery, along with a test report, would be approved for entry. Students will undergo an antibody test upon arrival in the country and will be in isolation until the test results are obtained.

It was also agreed that students who have already been in Israel for one or more years of study do not need a new approval for entry into the country but will only need to present a student visa. In addition, every student approved for entry will receive a temporary student visa that will be valid until the end of 2021, and not merely for 30 days as was the case in previous years.

The Igud has unveiled a new website which provides a unique portal for obtaining entry permits. Each institution’s menahel will receive a personal username and code to enter the site. He or she will then be able to enter each student’s information, directly, and receive an updated entry permit with the student’s information within 48 hours (subject to the approval of the Interior Ministry). Use of the site will make the approval process easier and reduce data entry errors that could prevent students from getting proper approval.

Rabbi Nechemya Malinowitz, director of Eretz HaKodesh in Israel, and Rabbi Zechariah Greenwald, of Meor Seminary, who together founded the Igud last year to surmount the difficulties for students trying to obtain entry visas during COVID, made the announcement of the newly approved rules.

Rabbi Pesach Lerner, founder and chairman of the Eretz Hakodesh organization, applauded the success of the Igud.

All students are requested to contact their yeshiva or seminary for additional information.

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