Thursday, June 30, 2022

(Courtesy of Hebrew University of Jerusalem) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem paid tribute on June 13 to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, zt”l—in recognition of his lifelong dedication to the Jewish people—by posthumously conferring on him an honorary doctorate. Rabbi Sacks had served as a visiting professor at the university.

The degree of Doctor of Philosophiae Honoris Causa is conferred annually on a select number of esteemed honorees from around the world. Rabbi Sacks’ brother, Eliot Sacks, accepted the award on his behalf from the Hebrew University’s president, Prof. Asher Cohen, and rector, Prof. Barak Medina.

The honourees were distinguished by academic leadership, creative achievement or activities of notable benefit to humanity, the State of Israel or the Jewish people, and also included award-winning film producer Quentin Tarantino, legal scholar Lee Epstein, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau and other academics and philanthropists.

Lady Elaine Sacks said: “It was both moving and inspiring to be present as the Hebrew University bestowed this honor in memory of my dear husband, acknowledging the impact his legacy continues to make. My family and I were deeply touched by this very meaningful gesture.”

Cohen said: “Leaders inspire. They show us the way forward and light up the path for those who follow. Our honorees are all driven by a pioneering spirit and a deep sense of mission, whether in the field of academia, business, civic service or philanthropy, and their contributions are boundless.”

A new video, created especially for the ceremony by the Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust, showcased Rabbi Sacks’ life and achievements as a teacher of Torah, a moral voice and a leader of leaders.

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