Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Walk to Israel With Olami—100 Miles, One Goal!

(Courtesy of Olami) Olami launches the Walk to Israel—a global challenge to inspire Jewish communities to raise vital funds for Jewish organizations around the world.

Walk to Israel is a pedometer fundraising challenge. At a time when we can’t fly to Israel, teams around the world are challenging


DNC Platform Will Not Condition US Aid to Israel on Sovereignty, Will Seek Return to Iran Deal

(JNS) The DNC’s platform committee voted 117-34 to reject adding the word “occupation” and a condition of U.S. assistance to Israel on the Jewish state not going ahead with its plans to apply sovereignty to parts of the West Bank.

The platform includes language that expresses support for the


Bodies of 286 Jews Murdered In Holocaust Found in Ukraine Basement

(Jpost) The bodies of 286 Jewish people, mostly women and children, were found in a basement below the town square’s marketplace in Sataniv, Ukraine.

The town was known to once have an organized Jewish community, which


Report: Israel Braces for Imminent Hezbollah Attacks

(JNS) The IDF is bracing for an imminent attack from Hezbollah, Channel 12 reported. According to the report, based on the assessment of anonymous security sources, Hezbollah does not consider the foiled cross-border attack sufficient retaliation for the killing of Ali Kamel Mohsen in an


Jewish Agency for Israel Provides COVID-19 Loans to Jewish Communities Worldwide

On July 8, the Jewish Agency for Israel, under the leadership of Chairman of the Executive Isaac Herzog, announced that in its initial phase, its newly launched loan program has already granted close to $10 million to Jewish communities around the world who are battling the dire effects of COVID-19, both


Deal Reached on Israeli Yeshivot/Seminaries

Hoping to take things from the figurative to the literal after being up in the air for weeks, yeshiva and seminary hopefuls who had been planning to spend the upcoming academic year in Israel are one step closer to taking to the skies after an announcement by two high-ranking government officials allowing diaspora students - both


Ari Fuld’s Murderer Sentenced To Life in Prison

(JNS) Khalil Jabarin was sentenced to life in prison by the Judea Military Court on Tuesday for fatally stabbing American-Israeli Ari Fuld and attempting to murder three other people at the Gush Etzion shopping area in September 2018.

The attack was caught on security cameras, showing an injured Fuld


Poll: Democrats, Voters in Battleground States Trend Overwhelmingly Pro-Israel

(JNS) An overwhelming majority of Americans, including Democrats and voters in battleground states, consider themselves pro-Israel. They oppose reducing U.S. security aid to Israel and want the Democratic Party platform to remain at least as pro-Israel as it was in 2016, according to a new poll.


Derech Harambam Provides Financial Aid and Support for Cancer Patients

Rabbi Moshe Hillel Zary was looking forward to a memorable and exciting spring 2020. In January, Zary booked a large hall in the Talpiot section of Jerusalem where he planned to host a large, festive event marking two very significant accomplishments in his life. One was the 30th anniversary of his founding of Derech


World Mizrachi Seeks to Restore Funding For Gap-Year Students

(Courtesy of World Mizrachi) World Mizrachi is leading an unprecedented coalition of 50 Israeli yeshivot and seminaries spanning the Torah spectrum to restore gap-year funding for international yeshiva and seminary students in Israel that was withdrawn owing to the severe COVID-19 crisis.

Each year, over


Israel-US Team Thinks Existing Medication May Stop COVID-19 in Its Tracks

(Israel21c via JNS) Could a well-known cholesterol-lowering drug help treat COVID-19? A research team led by Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Yaakov Nahmias says that early research looks promising.

Over the last three months, Nahmias and Dr. Benjamin tenOever at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical


Germany Charges Nazi Concentration Camp Guard, 95, With War Crimes

(JNS) A German court has announced that a 95-year-old former Nazi concentration-camp guard was charged with war crimes during the Holocaust.

The suspect was a guard at the Stutthof concentration camp in a wooded area near