Thursday, May 28, 2020


Spend Shabbos Afternoon with Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts by Azriela Jaffe is the story of how two imperfect people created a perfect union, though not perfectly and not alone. They face challenges of overcoming their past histories, helped by faith and friendships, while trying to carve out a life in the present. They contend with parents who won’t help and children who can’t.



Bnei Akiva Launches New Israel Program - Torah V’Avodah (TVA)

Bnei Akiva has run diverse gap-year programs for post-high school students all over the world for years; this year marks the launch of a new program for students looking for an alternative to traditional Yeshivot and Midrashot where students sit and learn all day.

The brand new program, Torah V’Avodah (TVA), has two distinct


Sinai Schools Dinner Celebrating “Lev” Year

Teaneck—There is a boy who calls his grandmother on his bus ride home each day from school, of course to tell her that he loves her, but also to tell her, with unabashed glee, what he had for lunch that day.

Until this fall, this child with special needs was in public school, before switching to Sinai Schools. “There can be so many barriers to


Home In Bergenfield, Via Austria & Switzerland

Bergenfield—Just over 75 years ago, an 8-year-old girl left her home in Salzburg, Austria and embarked on a 15-year odyssey that led her to Bergenfield, where she has made her home and helped build the Modern Orthodox community here for the past 60 years.

Today, Margaret Kohlhagen is a community treasure. She is a celebrated volunteer at Care One, as


Opposites Detract: Sitting Down with W4W’s Ronit Peskin

Under the guidance of Rabbi Pesach Lerner and others, Ronit Horwitz Peskin and Leah Ahroni are the co-directors of Women for the Wall established in 2013, who are in opposition to Women of the Wall, the denominational women’s prayer group that meets at the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh. Peskin is on a speaking tour across America and Aharoni will do her tour in


RCA Reaches Agreement with Rabbinate

Rabbi Mark Dratch of the Rabbinical Council of America confirmed today (January 19) that an agreement had been reached between the Grand Rabbinate of Israel and the RCA on how letters of “Jewishness,” of Orthodox couples wishing to marry in Israel will be handled.

For the past two years the Grand Rabbinate office had been rejecting a growing number of such


News Briefs

Bibi Meets Abdullah, Round Three

Jordan—PM Bibi Netanyahu and King Abdullah II of Jordan met for the third time in Jordan this year. The Israeli government press office issued a statement saying that the King and the Prime Minister “discussed recent developments in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians,” with the PM stressing “the


Chief Rabbinate Reverses Decision on Rabbi Avi Weiss

After three months of anger, confusion, and frustration, Jews of the Diaspora who were led to question if their rabbis were “Jewish enough,” got the word that at least one is.

On January 15 it was reported that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel will accept letters from Rabbi Avi Weiss of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, on matters of Jewish and


Growing Needs Among Holocaust Survivors Topic of Senate Hearing

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) commends Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, for focusing on the health and welfare needs of Holocaust victims by holding a committee hearing today entitled, “Aging in Comfort: Assessing the Special Needs of America’s Holocaust Survivors.” As the


Is Intermarriage the New Norm For American Jewry?

Since 2005 nearly six in 10 American Jews have married a non-Jew, up from 46 percent in 1990 and 17 percent before 1970. This statistic rocked the Jewish world last fall when it was revealed in the Pew Research Center’s “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” survey.

Is intermarriage the new norm for American Judaism in the 21st century? While Jewish


Nefesh B’Nefesh Announces Recipients of Inaugural ‘Bonei Zion’ Prize

Jerusalem—Over 200 olim from English-speaking countries—including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA and Canada—were nominated for the Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion 2014 prize. The prize recipients were chosen by a prestigious panel of committee members in the following categories: Science & Medicine; Education; Community & Non-Profit;


Meet the Mayor: Steve Fulop, Jersey Boy

Jersey City—Steven Fulop handily beat Jersey City’s incumbent Mayor Jerammiah Healy, despite Healy’s endorsements from Pres. Obama and other Democratic leaders.  Fulop was the only Independent in New Jersey to win a mayoral election last year and you might know him from interviews about scheduled meetings with high state officials being cancelled after he