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CAMERA launches new website to aid pro-Israel students

CAMERA launches new website to aid pro-Israel students

(JNS.org) The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) has launched a new website geared towards helping pro-Israel students “win the fight” on campus www.CAMERAonCampus.org, and its student-oriented blog, In Focus, will be resources for students looking to educate themselves


Targum Shlishi Fetes Rabbi Yitz (Irving) Greenberg on His 80th Birthday

Targum Shlishi Fetes Rabbi Yitz (Irving) Greenberg on His 80 thBirthday

Miami, FL—Targum Shlishi has launched a website dedicated to the work of Rabbi Dr. Irving (Yitz) Greenberg, a leading modern Orthodox rabbi (www.rabbiirvinggreenberg.com) to coincide with Yitz’s 80th birthday. The core of the website is an online archive of audio


It’s 1841 All Over Again

In 1841, when America was 65 years old, John Tyler was the third President the United States had in five weeks. After William Harrison defeated President Van Buren and assumed office, the poor fellow lived only one month before succumbing to a vicious case of pneumonia. Imagine that—three Presidents in five weeks. Historians at the time no doubt gushed that such an


The Soother-In-Chief: When Tragedy And Politics Intersect

There is no question that over the past seven months we have witnessed more than our share of disasters. In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck the tri-state region with a vengeance, leaving hundreds of people in the dark and many families without homes to return to. Twenty-six innocent victims, including 20 young children, tragically lost their lives in December 2012


The Path to Educational Success With Rabbi Yosef Strassfeld, Head of School, Yeshiva Ohr Simcha, Englewood

In each issue of JLBC, a community rabbi answers questions about Jewish life for those of us who did not grow up in religious homes.  FFBs – you can learn something, too!

Amy of Englewood asks:

Q. All boys are supposed to learn Torah, but they have different abilities. Does effort count as much as


High Anxiety at Age 13

Why do bar mitzvah boys lein(read the weekly Torah portion on Shabbat)?

I mean, I know why they lein—because it’s a nice responsibility to take upon oneself as a young man reaches the age of manhood. (I would argue that 30 isn’t manhood these days, much less 13, but that’s a much larger discussion for another day.) And it’s


Michael Broyde Takes a Leave: Avatars Shock the RCA and Academe

New York—Members of the rabbinate, ethicists, clerics of other religions, and academics were stunned last week when Steven Weiss of the The Jewish Channel exposed Rabbi Michael Broyde, a stellar dayanand posekat the Bet Din of America and vaunted member of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) as someone who had created two Internet


Lady to the Rescue: Ora Kornbluth, Bergenfield Borough Council President, Steps in as Mayor

Ora Kornbluth, Bergenfield Borough Council President, has been Acting Mayor since Timothy J. Driscoll passed away last month. She runs the meetings, signs the papers and presents the public face of Bergenfield. With two council meetings a month, Chairmanship of the Recreation Committee and membership in the Finance and Police Committees, Kornbluth has gotten a


Moriah Retools and Brings Parents Into The Process

Englewood—At two Moriah Town Hall meetings on April 23 and 25, parents viewed a presentation by the school’s board of directors explaining Moriah’s financial and enrollment status along with an agenda for fine-tuning student recruitment, hiring and curriculum going forward. “Moriah is in transition from a larger to a smaller school,” said Evan Sohn, president


Memory Lane (aka Amsterdam Avenue)

Indeed, what a great bonus of our move from Montreal to New Jersey has been the opportunity to partake in amazing programming available in the Metropolitan area. An extra bonus, we availed ourselves of was the extraordinary day set aside by YU on April 14 thto honor the 20th yahrzeit of the Rav.

As we reminisced and walked along Amsterdam Avenue that


Tabc Doubling In Size

T eaneck -When the students of Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC) start the 2013-14 school year, they will enter a building that doubled in size over the summer. The new addition, going up now, will give the Teaneck-based yeshiva high school for boys a new academic wing with a Beit Knesset large enough to hold the entire student body at one time,


Financial GPS:

Finding Your Personal Coordinates to Point “A”

It’s time to take a little journey through the world of finance. Before delving into stocks, bonds, savings, retirement, spending, trust and estates, tax planning and insurance, the key to success will be communication between you, yourself and I, and then communication between the immediate

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