September 29, 2023
September 29, 2023

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Yavneh Academy Supports Sharsheret Pink Day

Yavneh Academy was once again proud to partner with Sharsheret as students participated with a full heart on Sharsheret’s Pink Day. During the days that led up to the event, students created posters, decorated hallways and planned the schedule of events. The day began with an inspirational presentation by coach Lauren Greene who shared her personal experience with Sharsheret as a breast cancer survivor. The children left the presentation with an understanding of the important role Sharsheret plays. Coach Lauren stressed the importance of being kind. We never know what is going on in another person’s life. A kind greeting, gesture or word may make all the difference in someone’s day

Students, dressed in pink or in their Sharsheret T-shirts, proudly wore tag necklaces that supported breast cancer with the slogan, “You are not alone in this.” Eighth graders decorated pink cupcakes under the direction of Limor Levy to be sold during lunch for Sharsheret. Levy dedicated her talents and time to the children in memory of her sister, Revital Tziporra, z”l. Thank you to Grand and Essex and World of Goodies for donating toppings to the cause, and to Butterflake Bakeshop for their help and discount. The eighth graders had a wonderful time and were so grateful to contribute to the Sharsheret fundraising. During lunch, along with the cupcakes, pink nosh was sold to benefit Sharsheret. All in all, middle school students truly got involved with the project!

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