July 14, 2024
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July 14, 2024
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YMSSA Boys Basketball Playoff Preview

With the league imposed championship date less than a month away, now is a good time to take a look at how the YMSSA boy playoff brackets set up.

In the eighth grade, eight team will advance to the postseason. Almost all of the teams are solidified and despite there still being several games to play the seeding is almost completely set as well.

  1. 1With a perfect 10-0 record JEC has locked in the number one spot in the playoffs, Division 3 and home court till the final round.
  2. Regardless of the outcome of their final game at Moriah on February 19, Noam (8-1) will win Division 1 and be the two team going into the playoffs.
  3. MDS and Ramaz finished the season with identical 8-2 records but Ramaz has the 2-0 edge when the teams met this season, so they win Division 2 and earn the number three spot in the postseason.
  4. SAR (Division 1) also finishes at 8-2; since they neither played MDS nor do they have common opponents and possess the identical 2-2 record vs. playoff teams.
  5. The host of the fourth vs. fifth game will come down to a coin toss.
  6. Hillel will get the six spot with a 7-3 record, since they hold the record edge vs. playoff teams over RYNJ.
  7. RYNJ (6-3) is locked in as the 7 team; the result of their game vs Moriah on February 14, is irrelevant.
  8. However if Moriah (2-5) can run the table and defeat RYNJ, Yavneh and Noam in their last three games, they will hold a better record vs playoff teams and secure the final spot in the playoffs over RPRY. If Moriah makes the playoffs over RPRY; RYNJ would flip spots with Hillel by gaining the record edge vs. playoff teams. If Moriah loses one of their final three games, RPRY with a 5-5 record will be the number 8 team, taking them to JEC in round one.

In the seventh grade, six teams will make the playoffs; the top two teams earn a first round bye

  1. SAR is 9-0 and still has a game to play at Moriah on February 20, but regardless of the outcome, they have locked in the top spot and a first round bye.
  2. Ramaz is 7-3 and has locked in the number two spot and the second first round bye with a 7-3 record.
  3. Moriah is 4-3 and fighting RYNJ 6-3 for the number three seed. The two teams play each other Wednesday night February 13.
  4. If RYNJ wins they claim the three spot, but if Moriah beats RYNJ and either Yavneh next Tuesday night February 19, or SAR the following night February 20, they will be the three and RYNJ falls to the four.
  5. Yavneh (3-6) looks poised for the five spot, but if they defeat Moriah on February 19, and Moriah is not victorious in all three of their remaining games, both teams will have identical 4-6 records and will need to figure who hosts the fourth/fifth game via a coin toss.
  6. Yeshivat Noam is locked in at the six spot but is a team to watch in the playoffs, coming off of a big win vs. Yavneh and a great game at RYNJ (a team they could likely meet in round one).
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