December 10, 2023
December 10, 2023

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Your New Favorite Seltzer Was Born in Crown Heights

Business is booming—or should we say, fizzing!—for two Crown Heights business owners who put the drink you grew up with into a can.

(Courtesy of Spritzly) It’s simple and brilliant, traditional and brand-new—all at once.

It’s Spritzly. The seltzer drink you’ve loved all your life—now in a can. And it’s even kosher l’Pesach!

For many of us, a Shabbat or Yom Tov meal would hardly be complete without our favorite home-made beverage: grape juice and seltzer, mixed together. The juice adds just enough sweetness and perfectly balances the seltzer’s refreshing bubbles for a crisp, slightly sweet favorite that has been a staple in Jewish homes for as long as anyone can remember.

But when Crown Heights entrepreneur Moshe Frank, a partner in Leviim Art Gallery, developed an affinity for juice-infused seltzers, he realized that the drink he grew up on simply did not exist for the kosher consumer. After fruitlessly trying to convince beverage makers to recreate his childhood favorite, Frank decided to take the plunge into the beverage-canning field. He partnered with Tzvi Silberstein; armed with a vision—and a two-ingredient recipe exquisite in its simplicity—they set out to create their new beverage.

Enter Spritzly: a fruit-infused seltzer drink. And it’s just that: There are only two ingredients on the back of the can: freshly squeezed grape and seltzer. The fresh squeezed fruit brings this classic to the next level! Spritzly prides itself on its perfect simplicity, and you’ll never find any sort of artificial flavorings or preservatives in any Spritzly drinks. Spritzly has been on the market for five weeks and has exploded in popularity. With over 500,000 cans sold, the partners are fighting supply chain issues to keep this magnificent masterpiece available to the consumer.

And now, the drink that has been everyone’s “family recipe” can be enjoyed in dozens of different establishments, from supermarkets to restaurants and cafes. Enjoy Spritzly on the upcoming holiday, as it is certified kosher for Pesach as well.

Spritzly’s popularity has spread to social media, where the partners share Spritzly-enhanced cocktails, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes looks at the canning process. For more information, visit and

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