April 11, 2024
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April 11, 2024
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Learn the words in Hebrew to figure out the joke below:

In the city – בָּעִיר

Nothing – כְּלוּם

He is playing – מְנַגֵּן

Hundred people – מֵאוֹת אֲנָשִׁים

Stop – מַפְסִיקִים

Immediately – מִיָּד

To work – לַעֲבֹד

Really – ?! בֶּאֱמֶת

Instrument – כְּלִי

Ring – מְצַלְצֵל

Bell for Recess  – בַּפַּעֲמוֹן הַהַפְסָקָה

Factory – בֵּית הַחֲרֹשֶׁת

Musician – מוּסִיקַאי

Best – הַטּוֹב בְּיוֹתֵר


Jack said to his friend that Avi is the best musician ever. His friend agreed and said, more than this when Avi is playing, everyone on the faculty stops what they are working on! What instrument does he play with? His friend answered: He plays with the faculty bell that rings when it’s time for recess…

Teacher’s Corner: One of my students consistently announced that class was over five minutes before the class actually ended.

I took my student aside and said to him, “Are you trying to take over my class? Because you are doing a good job excusing everyone early! However, it’s not proper behavior for you to dismiss the class or for you to leave the class early without permission. You should ask first because that is respectful.

You are such a smart person, you must want to have successful relationships in life, don’t you? What can you do now to achieve that? I met his blank stare with a smile and continued, “Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even your teacher”. “This, in my view, is one of the keys to having successful relationships.”

You may see things from a different view and that’s OK. May I share another idea with you? You may find it a bit much but I think you will really understand it. It’s easy to trespass or violate someone’s space or their domain. The challenge is to establish boundaries for yourself and for others. Then respect your own boundaries.

The etiquette of not dismissing the class is actually helping you to develop your own ability to respect others. By violating that learning process you are cheating yourself.

Healthy boundaries are key to emotional health. Learning how to have healthy boundaries will help you have successful relationships and to have a happier and even more successful life.

The following Monday in class, five minutes before class ended, my student raised his hand and asked Morah Maya, may I have permission to leave class early?

I asked, “Why do you need to leave class early, it’s just five more minutes, you can learn a lot in five minutes!” He answered with a grin on his face, “I don’t need to leave, I was just practicing learning how to respect boundaries…”

For private tutoring, all levels, email [email protected]. Maya Yehezkel is a Hebrew teacher at Yeshivat Noam middle school.

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