June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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2022 Pesach Programs Boast Exclusive, Creative Destinations

Those who want to avoid the task of cleaning their homes for Pesach next year are already beginning to make Passover travel plans for 2022, with program operators saying they have been inundated with bookings and inquiries from those who missed the opportunity to spend Passover away last year because of COVID-19.


As they look to options for Pesach 2022, travelers can choose from a variety of Pesach Programs, held in exclusive and creative destinations including Florida, Mexico, Italy and the Bahamas.


Helping families navigate the myriad of programs is Passover Listings, a website providing travelers from all around the world an easy, simple and no-nonsense way to find Pesach Vacations and Hotels, said Daniel Kramer, co-founder of Passover Listings.


The website also runs Passover Program Reviews, a Facebook group connecting people who have questions about the many different programs offered each year. 


Passover Listings users are able to view the programming of each of the packages or search by entertainer or destination. On the operators’ end, the website allows program heads to showcase their beautiful programs.


“The best aspect of the website and Facebook group is it provides a level of credibility and confidence for guests as they choose as a specific group to meet their needs and can see third party reviews and comments for how operators have performed in the past and the extent of their offerings,” AJ Stern, a traveler on Pesach programs, said in an interview.


“I am looking forward to seeing how 2022 programs deal with COVID as it relates to deposits, refunds, kids camp and adult programming,” Stern said. 


Kosher Tours Mexico, a first-time operator, will be holding its program at Camino Real Sumiya Resort. Shmuel Volfson, the owner of the company said Passover Listings facilitates useful connections between consumers and operators. 


“It has drawn a lot of attention and customers and it offers and displays programs in a very presentable and practical way,” Shmuel from Kosher Tours Mexico spokesperson said. 


Hafikoman operates a program in Puerto Vallarta Mexico at Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa and describes itself as “the most successful Pesach program in Mexico.” Since its inaugural Passover program in 2000, the operator has become familiar with how best to draw families to its mix of leisurely, entertaining and high-class activities. 


In an interview, a representative for the company said Passover Listings “has been very helpful for the exposure through social media since their audience is people who actually travel for Passover.”


Leisure Time Tours, which holds Pesach programs in New York, Florida and in Italy, is taking advantage of Passover Listings’ platform. The program’s representative, Robert Frucher, expressed confidence they will draw customers to their programs as a result of listing on the website. 


Aliza Seidman, general manager of Kosherica, a leader in Passover programs, vacation packages and travel, said, “Passover Listings is a vibrant community and we’re happy to be a part of it. They really engage with their audience looking for programs.”


Kosherica’s representative said their programs are filling up quickly, a reflection of the enthusiasm consumers are feeling for travel next Pesach. 


“As it stands now, it looks like we will sell out 2022 faster than any year so far,” said Seidman, whose programs are held in PGA in Florida and Atlantis Paradise Island.


When considering a program, families interested in kosher Pesach travel often look at the attractions offered for kids. Stern has gone on a program featuring a robust kids camp that keeps children “excited and engaged throughout the entire Passover program,” he said. 


Similarly, Kosher Tours Mexico offers a “Ninja Camp” for children, and it will be led by the program’ team of professional counselors. Their job is to make sure “the children are well entertained and pampered, “ according to Kosher Tours Mexico. “The themed camp will be dedicated to activities revolving around Japanese and Mexican cultures and expanding the kids’ creativity with Japanese and Mexican crafts such as origami and ceramics. We will also have great entertainment with magicians, concerts, animators and puppets.”


Adult programming is also on the agenda at these resorts, including live musical entertainment and sought-after guest speakers. 


“We have already booked Modi for all four nights of Chol HaMoed,” Frucher said, referring to popular stand-up comedian Modi Rosenfeld.


Seidman said Kosherica would provide guests with a memorable experience on Pesach.


“Kosherica has been operating for over 25 years. It is our mission to continuously grow and innovate. We are constantly evolving and asking ourselves and our guests how we can improve from year to year,” Seidman said. “We want only the best of the best for our guests.”

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