December 6, 2023
December 6, 2023

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4G NJ NCSY Runs ‘Best. Summer. Ever. At Home.’

Just two weeks after saying goodbye to the “Best. Summer. Ever.,” the participants who returned from 4G NCSY summer programs—GIVE, GIVE West, Michlelet, Euro 4G and LEAD—gathered in Beth Abraham for a reunion filled with friends, learning, food and fun. Over 150 girls came together from all over the tri-state area to spend time with their summer friends and advisers. We first heard from Rebbetzin Michal Zahtz, who spoke about “Making Inspiration Last.” Her stories, Torah ideas and practical messages taught us how to take the “Best. Summer. Ever.” with us into the year, using Elul as motivation to kick off the “Best. Year. Ever!” After the speech, we all split up into small groups led by our summer advisors, to learn a chabura about how to take practical steps to hold on to the inspiration from the summer throughout the year.

Not only did we learn how to maintain our inspiration at this event, but through all of 4G’s programs, we know we can continue to grow during the year as well. 4G NCSY in Bergen County provides so many opportunities for girls in high school; whether it be Tuesday night Tea Time in Lazy Bean, where we gather to connect with friends and advisers; Thursday night BMG (Beit Midrash for Girls) in Ohr HaTorah, filled with Erev Shabbat chavruta learning, monthly Shabbat programming, 4G Convention, Shavuot All Night Learning, and so much more. We can’t wait for an amazing year of NCSY 4G together filled with fun, inspiration and growth!

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