June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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 5 Ways to Increase Safety in Your Business

As they say, safety first is safety always. Taking preventative measures to ensure your employees are safe on the job will not only increase productivity and workplace satisfaction, but will also keep you out of a mess of legal complications if anyone were to get hurt while on the clock. No matter what type of company you run, whether a construction business or a magazine, there are a variety of ways an employee or customer can injure themselves. To ensure everyone is safe on the job, let’s take a look at these five safety measures you can implement in your business below.

1. Train Your Employees

Training is a necessary step to take when onboarding new employees. As you make a new hire, it’s crucial you provide them with all the resources, help, and knowledge they need to complete their job to the best of their ability. This also means equipping them with the knowledge to be safe at work. For example, if you own a gym and are hiring lifeguards for your pool, make sure they are certified and know the safety procedures of your pool. This will include the emergency action plan, how to summon EMS, and where to retrieve first aid supplies. Or, training employees in a factory about the dangers of high-voltage equipment can promote fire safety.

Training employees shouldn’t be a one-time procedure. Over time, employees may forget certain safety measures that need to be followed, which is why it’s important you implement monthly or bi-monthly training sessions to keep your employees up to speed. Depending on your line of work, there are numerous safety classes and courses you can require your workers to take to ensure no accidents or injuries occur.

2. Screen Your Employees

Owning a business can be tough work, especially when you’re rapidly expanding and need more hands on deck to complete work. However, when hiring new workers, it’s important you take the time to interview candidates thoroughly to ensure you hire the right people. The last thing you want is to talk with a candidate once over the phone, hire them the next day, and realize they don’t have the skills or knowledge to complete their job efficiently.

Instead, take the time to conduct interviews, pre-interviews, and assessments of candidates to ensure they have what it takes to deliver quality work. It also means looking into pre-employment screening solutions. Screening your employees will give you a detailed background report that provides useful information such as their education, employment history, financial history, driving history, criminal history, and more.

Screening your employees is a great way to increase safety in your business. For example, if your company utilizes drivers to deliver materials, a background check will inform you of their driving record. If you notice multiple accidents, it may not be a safe idea to hire them.

3. Use Signs and Labels

Placing signs and labels throughout your office or workspace is a simple solution to ensuring everyone who steps foot in your company is safe. There are safety signs for almost every hazard you can imagine, such as authorized personnel signs, caution signs, high voltage signs, gas storage signs, and much more.

4. Keep the Workplace Clean

Another easy way to increase safety in your company is by keeping it clean. An accidental spill that is left uncleaned can result in someone slipping and hitting their head or breaking a bone. Or, a large stack of boxes that aren’t secured can accidentally fall and hurt someone. To keep the workplace clean, remind your employees of the importance of a clean house. You can also hire a cleaning service to come in one every week to ensure no spill or improperly stored power tools go unnoticed. Cleaning companies are affordable and convenient, giving you peace of mind knowing potential hazards are taken care of.

5. Invest in the Proper Tools

If you want your employees to be safe, they need to be fully equipped with the necessary tools. This means helmets or hard hats for areas under construction, safety goggles for areas exposed to dangerous chemicals, steel-toed boots, and emergency call lines in case an emergency were to occur. Additionally, make sure regular maintenance is taken on tools, equipment, and vehicles, and these items are regularly inspected and cleaned as well.

Key Takeaways on Workplace Safety

Keeping your staff out of harm’s way doesn’t have to be dangerous or expensive. All it takes is proper training and regular upkeep, and your workers will be safe whenever they’re on the job. From placing signs in high-risk areas to keeping equipment and the office clean, these habits will decrease the likelihood of accidents occurring on the job.

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