December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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A Guaranteed Way to Make A Difference, With EFRAT

As we approach Rosh Hashanah and Aseres Yemei Teshuvah, our prayers are imbued with appeals to the One Above that we be remembered … for life.

Traditionally, Jews donate charity to the plethora of wonderful, life-saving causes that exist throughout the Jewish world, in order to tip the scales, merit a favorable judgment and be inscribed, middah k’neged middah, in the Book of Life.

Yet the question remains: Can any organization promise that their efforts will indeed guarantee a life saved?

EFRAT can.

Every year in Israel, over 35,000 babies are tragically lost to the Jewish people. In an overwhelming majority of cases, these losses are linked to desperate financial struggles that leave expectant mothers feeling alone and with no viable options. And contrary to popular belief, these are not only women on the fringes—some come from within our very own communities. It’s painful to think how many lives (and how much heartache!) could be saved, if only the expectant mothers would receive the support they need.

EFRAT’s mission is to provide that support and enable these women to “choose life,” alleviating the emotional toll and lifelong regrets that may come otherwise. Every dollar donated to EFRAT directly aids a woman facing dire financial stress, giving her the confidence and resources she needs to welcome a new life into the world.

With nearly 50 years of dedicated service, EFRAT has empowered approximately 85,000 women to bring the children they longed for into the world. Throughout the decades, EFRAT has been endorsed by all gedolei Yisrael, past and present, including Rav Elyashiv, Harav Ovadia Yosef and Harav Mordechai Eliyahu, zt”l, and, lbc”l, Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and Harav Asher Weiss, shlita.

While there are other organizations that provide various forms of support to expectant mothers, EFRAT directly prevents the loss of life through comprehensive, wraparound services.

These include providing essential baby items such as cribs, strollers and layettes, as well as ongoing support such as monthly supplies of diapers, wipes and formula for the first two years. Additionally, women benefit from EFRAT’s vocational programs aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty, as well as the Bayit Cham—a sanctuary where they can seek refuge and emotional healing.

The effectiveness of EFRAT’s work is underscored by its remarkable efficiency. The organization has streamlined its operations to the extent that the total cost to save one life, including all forms of support offered, is only $1,500.

Your generosity could be the lifeline that changes a woman’s story from one of despair to one of hope and joy, reinforcing the sanctity of life that is so precious to us, especially at this time of year.

Rabbi David BenSoussan, a rosh kollel in Lakewood, remarked: “On the threshold of the Yamim Noraim, when we seek to increase our merit, there is no doubt that saving the lives of babies, as EFRAT does so efficiently, will help us to save our own lives—nefesh tachat nefesh. However, EFRAT doesn’t just save babies, but the entire family, helping them make the best decision and providing long-term support.”

For more information about how you can save a life—guaranteed!—please contact us at [email protected] and visit

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