April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024
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A Pharmacy With a Personal Touch

In an age where big-brand pharmacies are everywhere and traditional corner drug stores are few and far between, finding a pharmacy like Blue Jay Pharmacy and Medical Supplies in Clifton is rare. Modeled after the mom-and-pop shop of yesterday, Blue Jay offers all the amenities of a modern-day pharmacy without sacrificing a personalized approach to customer service.

Chirag Taylor owns Blue Jay Pharmacy, and together with his wife, Aarti, they have created a caring and friendly environment where customers feel comfortable and welcomed. “When you visit our pharmacy, you’re more than just a number; you’re a valued customer,” said Taylor. “It’s an experience you won’t find at Walgreens or CVS.”

Taylor, who comes from a family of pharmacists, started in the industry as a pharmacy cashier when he was 16 years old. In time he rose in rank to a pharmacy technician and from there decided to go to pharmacy school. He graduated from the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy in 2011 and began his career as a pharmacist at a chain drugstore in Manhattan. His dream of opening his own pharmacy became a reality this past September, and he is excited to share his pharmaceutical expertise and dedication to healthcare with his customers.

Taylor specializes in complex medications and is expert in compounding prescriptions when needed. “Often customers come in with a prescription that is very expensive, or the dose is not optimal,” he said. “…with a physician’s approval, I will compound a medication to a more cost-efficient formulation or a different formulation that might better suit the patient.” Taylor plays an integral role in patient care and therefore develops relationships not only with his customers but often with their primary-care doctor as well.

To many of his customers Taylor is more than a pharmacist. He is someone they turn to for advice and guidance as it relates to health concerns and management. Taylor is knowledgeable in a wide range of pharmaceuticals and has extensive experience working with specialty medications and alternative therapies such as medical marijuana and CBD products. For customers interested in CBD products, he offers counseling along with a clinical evaluation to determine which products will produce the most effective results.

Taylor has extended his pharmaceutical expertise to veterinary care as well, compounding medications for pets. “It is a very similar process,” he said, and as a pet owner himself, he is happy to be a resource for people’s veterinary needs.

Walking into Blue Jay Pharmacy, customers are greeted with a variety of products in an organized fashion. “There is nothing distracting on the shelves,” said Taylor, whose store is well stocked with health-related medications and supplies. If a customer has a request for something he does not stock, Taylor will do his best to locate it.

Taylor is all about excellent customer service. He created an app called pocket RX, which allows customers to communicate with him through simple text messaging. He responds quickly and is happy to oblige most requests when possible. The app also provides access to peer-reviewed articles written by pharmacists that discuss relevant healthcare topics.

Blue Jay accepts all major insurance providers, and Taylor offers support to his customers who participate in the Medicare open enrollment program, making sure they have the right plan to keep the cost of medication as affordable as possible.

Taylor has customers throughout Northern New Jersey and says 60% of his clientele is not local to the pharmacy site. With reliable delivery service, people don’t need to actually visit the store, he said. Transactions can be made by phone, on the app or via email, and Taylor promises a fast turnaround regardless of where a customer is located.

For his Orthodox customers, Taylor understands the nuances of Shabbat and will accommodate any special requests surrounding their pharmaceutical needs.

In his spare time, Taylor enjoys quality time with Aarti, their 18-month-old son, Jay and their dog, Annie.

Blue Jay Pharmacy is located at 88 Market Street in Clifton. For more information, please call 973-545-7078 or visit

By Andrea Nissel


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