December 3, 2023
December 3, 2023

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A Very Special ‘Super Sunday’

As February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month, it was particularly special to read the beautiful and inspiring letter to the editor, “A Super Sunday” (February 7, 2019). In that letter, the parents of a child with special needs described the feelings, benefits and emotions of having their son invited by his peers to be included for a Superbowl party. Thank you to these parents for courageously publicizing this moment. Thank you also to the young man and his parents who hosted the Superbowl party. Your actions were truly life-altering, not only for your friend and his family, not only for every family of a person with special needs, but for the entire community.

Last year, our daughter’s yeshiva, RYNJ, which houses one of the SINAI Schools, sent a letter to the parent body, co-signed by the principal of the yeshiva, and one of the directors of SINAI Schools, encouraging families to arrange playdates with children with special needs. The letter, together with the article included therein, outlined the benefits of playdates, a plan of action, and how our community can grow from these playdates. It was tremendously gratifying to see children and families answering the call to ensure that every child is included in parties and playdates.

To the young man who invited his friend to the Superbowl party, to his wonderful parents who are raising him so beautifully, and to the school that is educating him so well: Kol hakavod!

Zevi Fischer
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