March 2, 2024
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March 2, 2024
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Anti-Trumpsters Are Naive and Superficial

The women who organized the rally last Sunday (“Teaneck Woman Organize Anti-Trump Rally,” February 2, 2017) illustrate that most Jews are naive, superficial and a product of our biased media.

I grew up a liberal Jew.

These women should have organized rallies against Mr. Obama, who was the worst president for Israel. For that matter, he was the worst for the American economy.

Mr. Obama released the sanctions against Iran, who still promises to nuke Israel. At the UN, he abstained from an anti-Israeli ruling. And for his last few hours of his presidency, he gave the Palestinian Authority $221 million; I’m sure they’ll use it for terror tunnels and rockets.

Worldwide Islamic terror skyrocketed under the eight years of a president who reminds me of a detached college professor. And don’t forget his famous “apology tour” in 2009.

I’m angry about all the above. And so is our new president.

Mr. Trump has had real accomplishments. He has famously turned nothing-property into prestige (40 Wall Street, G&W Building, Wollman Ice Rink…). He always had Jewish staffers who hurry home for Shabbat. He has Jewish grandkids.

This is more than I can say for a Chicago politician who attended the Farrakhan church.

As for Islamic refugees, maybe we do need to say, “Hand over your bad guys, or none of you are coming here.” It seems to me, too many Islamic citizens are happy to be a silent majority. Talk to any German about that.

In the meantime, Islamic refugees could stay at our big empty American bases in the Mideast. It’s a point our Trump-hating media won’t point out.

As for the economy, since November, many manufacturers have halted plans of expanding in Mexico. Most Americans are unaware of that. Thanks, media.

I’d much rather have a president who sounds mean but does good. Mr. Obama was the opposite.

Our media is not the free press our Founding Fathers had in mind.

Adam Sternglass

Elizabeth, NJ

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