April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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Auditions for NCSY’s 2022 Meorot Musical Production Planned for May 26

Co-chair of NCSY’s summer programs Miriam Pfeiffer of Teaneck is delighted to report that summer 2021 will see the reemergence of close to 20 exciting NCSY programs throughout the U.S. and Israel. A key supporter of these summer programs is the annual Meorot musical production, which was canceled in 2021 due to COVI-19. As the world slowly resumes its pre-pandemic activities, Pfeiffer is excited to announce the upcoming auditions for the Meorot production, scheduled for February 2022.

Auditions for the production, both for the choir and dance components, will be held on Wednesday, May 26, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Congregation Keter Torah in Teaneck. Applicants are given a time slot based on their grade, but can choose to come at a time that works best for them. On hand for the auditions will be the creative directors of the program, Teaneck/Bergenfield sisters Naomi Schiff and Sorah Shaffran. Working with the applicants will be dance director and choreographer Elisheva Rubin and music director Laya Kaufman.

לעולם ועד, the theme selected for the upcoming production, reflects the eternal existence of the Jewish nation—past, present and future, and our fervent belief, despite adversity, that Hashem is, was and will always be our King and Savior. Original songs and dances will express this theme in the much-anticipated upcoming production.

New and highly anticipated for this year’s production is the addition of participants in ninth and 10th grades, to the core of students in the fifth to eighth grades. This will enable girls who participated in junior high school to continue while in high school. The program can accommodate over 100 participants, each receiving professional direction and honing their skills while preparing for the culminating gala performance.

Meorot carries special significance for Pfeiffer, Schiff and Shaffran. As mothers of young ladies, they value the opportunities that Meorot affords its participants to improve their skills in musical performance while also having the opportunity to collaborate with youngsters from Bergen County and surrounding areas. Their teamwork promotes true ahavat yisrael. Ultimately, their collaboration supports NCSY’s transformative summer programs, which enable close to 2,000 youngsters to immerse themselves in Torah and chesed during their summer breaks.

In addition to serving as the creative directors of Meorot, sisters Schiff and Shaffran perform at the event as well. Said Schiff: “Our musical background and connections in the musical world give Meorot the professional backing it needs to present a successful performance. Our talented brother Mordechai Shapiro has given of his time and energy to writing original songs for our previous shows, and his producer Doni Gross works on our music. Their involvement takes our show to the next level.”

Shaffran added: “The magic of Meorot takes place during the preparation when skills, confidence and relationships are built. Each performer’s unique talents shine to create something tremendous. Every young lady feels a sense of belonging and growth. It is truly an honor to be part of the Meorot production.”

Rubin, the dance director and choreographer, has worked alongside NCSY’s administration in formulating spiritually elevating and creative programs for its participants. A graduate of RYNJ and Bruriah, she spent her gap year at Michlalah. She is currently pursuing a doctor of psychology degree at Long Island University with the goal of becoming a clinical psychologist. She sees the Meorot program as providing “spiritual, social and emotional growth to its participants.

“Through Meorot, we have the ability to fuse role-model-led space with top-level dance training,” Rubin continued. “We have the ability to fuse both without mimicking secular society, rather by innovating and using the power of Jewish legacy.”

Kaufman, the music director, is a graduate of Queens College. She has appeared in countless musical productions and has directed many choir productions. She plays several instruments and enjoys expressing herself through all forms of musical genres. About Meorot, she commented: ”The girls put in countless hours in developing their self-confidence and joining their voices in preparation for the final production. I am constantly inspired by their energy and look forward to seeing that energy explode into the audience on the night of the performance.”

The dance rehearsals, which will begin in October 2021, after the chagim, will take place on Sundays at Dance Dimensions, a professional, fully equipped dance studio in New Milford. Rehearsals for the Meorot choir will take place weekly on Sundays beginning in October at the home studio of Naomi Schiff in Teaneck. A final recording of the performance to be made in a professional studio will be distributed to all participants.

Proud bubbie Aviva Yablok of Teaneck, whose two granddaughters Rena Klavan and Leah Yablok participated in the last Meorot production, shared: ”The production was ‘over the top.’ In addition to the beautiful music and carefully orchestrated dance numbers, there was an electric sense of excitement in the air. It was obvious that the girls had worked so diligently to prepare and it was evident that they felt so accomplished and happy.”

Please see the Meorot ad for the link to sign up for the upcoming auditions. For more information about Meorot email
[email protected].

By Pearl Markovitz


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