December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Alfred I Neugut

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Charles Moertel 3: Laetrile

OK, I confess—I am a television addict—always have been and always will be. And one of my favorite shows is “Law & Order.” In 1994,

Body Surface Area

I recently gave a talk in shul on measures that are utilized in halacha and medicine. We are all familiar with the use of the

Skin Cancer III: Screening

My wife Elie recently noted a small bump on my forehead just at the hairline. Of course, if you look at my photo that accompanies

Skin Cancer II: Melanoma

I am going to confess that I am not quite sure who the Kardashians are or why they are famous, but in researching this article

Skin Cancer I

In March of 2023, it was reported that President Biden was found to have a skin lesion on his chest during his annual physical exam

Multiple Myeloma II

By Alfred I. Neugut In the blood and serum of every healthy individual are normal levels of antibodies or immunoglobulins. They are the result of

Multiple Myeloma I

It is not often that you can say that the best place to seek care for a certain cancer is in Arkansas. Most of what