July 18, 2024
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July 18, 2024
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Alfred I Neugut

Articles by Alfred I Neugut

Why Me?

I don’t think it is difficult to imagine that a common question and refrain from patients with a newly diagnosed cancer is to inquire, “Why

Epstein-Barr Virus

The regular readers of this column will have noticed that I often end up relating stories or anecdotes about scientists or researchers whose work has

Cheating in Research

An article appeared in The New York Times a couple of weeks ago regarding a Dr. Sam Yoon, a surgical colleague who was found to

The Importance of Performance Status

I need hardly mention that most clinical encounters with patients include the conduct of a physical examination—vital signs, heart and lung examination, palpation of the

The Whipple Procedure

If you are not a physician and you are familiar with the name “Whipple,” it may be in relation to Mr. Whipple, the supermarket manager

The Oral Microbiome And Cancer

Symbiosis is a term we learn in high school biology. It refers to a close, mutually beneficial living arrangement between two different species. Thus, we

Uveal Melanoma

My wife and I recently attended a wedding and ended up sitting next to my good friend Earl, an ophthalmologist, who said he reads my

The Miracle of CAR-T Cell Therapy

In this time of war and problems domestically, we should highlight one ray of hope in the cancer arena, a new therapeutic approach with broad-based