May 24, 2024
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May 24, 2024
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Debby Pfeiffer

Articles by Debby Pfeiffer

Destination: Unknown

The following was told to me by Rachel, a nonreligious 74-year-old Jewish woman who was recently in the hospital for over two months. During one

A Shema Heard Deep

It does not happen often. But it has happened before. The Jewish chaplain and the priest—both called at the same time to the same patient.

Connected in COVID-19

The following story illustrates what I have experienced through the eyes, ears and hearts of my patients and their families. Though the names and details

The Most Beautiful Kaddish

I first met David S. in the hospital as he was saying goodbye to his dying mother. David’s sister had arrived from afar to be


Dear Patient, I wish I did not have to meet you in the hospital, let alone during this indescribable pandemic that we are facing. I

The Story Beneath the Surface

It often becomes difficult for medical professionals in a hospital to remember that each person lying in the bed is a person and not only

Amy: Teacher of Life

There are some teachers that you always remember because they made a profound impact on your life. Amy was such a teacher to me, though

Enveloped in Kindness

The ICU. A place of pain, fear, suffering, uncertainty and confusion. A place of frustration, distress and feelings of helplessness. But also a place of


Tuesday morning. As I quickly skimmed the lengthy Jewish census, there was one patient in particular who caught my eye: Dan P., a 34-year-old male

Reminder From Room 306

I didn’t think he would remember me, but he embraced my presence. I didn’t think he would cry to me, but he sobbed. I didn’t

A Special Kind of Care

I recently attended a three-day conference in Florida for the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. It was attended by well over 3000 people,

The Rebbe and the Rock

The 11-year old child went to school and told his wonderful rebbe that he was taking a mini-vacation with his family for the weekend. The