June 23, 2024
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June 23, 2024
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Debby Pfeiffer

Articles by Debby Pfeiffer

A Most Unusual Prayer

Sam, a 71-year-old unaffiliated Jewish man, was a referral from the nurse. He was in the orthopaedics section of the hospital. After I entered the

Lena’s Story

Lena, an 82-year-old unaffiliated Jewish woman, was surrounded by numerous people in the cardiac ICU that Thursday morning. Her room was brightly lit, had several

The Language of a Mask

Many articles are often written about masks at this time of year—how people are always hiding behind an “invisible” mask, a cover-up to hide their

Let’s Be Honest

My name is Beth. I am a 58-year-old wife, mother of three and proud grandmother to four of the cutest kids around. For many years,

Two Months to Live

Stan, our conversation really made me think… In the Parsha of “Vayeira” where the promise of a son is revealed to Sara it is stated

Twists in the Tale

I really felt like I knew Jake, even though he never spoke one word to me. He was a loving father, energetic grandfather, devoted husband

Father Knows Best

Esther was an 82-year-old woman with a pale face and graying hair, staring at the bare white wall opposite her. I entered her dimly lit


God, it seems like a while since we have spoken. It is I, Sara, your 98-year-old friend. I was never one to pray from a

Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time, there was a man named Lenny. Lenny grew up in a New Jersey suburb in a Conservative Jewish home. He had

Code Blue

Thursday morning. 11:45 a.m. Announcement over the hospital loudspeaker: “Code Blue, third floor, hallway. Code Blue, third floor, hallway.” (A code blue is a term

A Tale of Two Patients

From this tale of two patients, one can learn about many more … Without knowing any details, I enter the room. He tells me he