December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Elozor M. Preil

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Debunking a ‘Flat Earth’ Theory

Due to some ambiguously provocative statements from a few celebrities and professional athletes, there has been a revival of “flat earth” theories in public discussion.

Can You Adjust Your Biological Age?

Age might be just a number, but age-related numbers are important markers in personal finance, particularly in retirement. For example: • 59½ is the age

Getting Lucky in Retirement

A chorus of financial experts has declared that Americans face a “retirement crisis.” Their long-standing warning: Individuals are not saving enough. Their more recent concern:

Home Equity: Add to or Draw From?

The phrase “financial wisdom” is not an oxymoron like “deafening silence” or “jumbo shrimp.” But there are times when generic financial advice can seem almost

The Stresses in Staggered Retirement

The Return of Alt-Mortgages Interest costs are a drain on any financial plan, so it’s understandable that consumers would seek to minimize them. For many,

Do You Have December in 3-D?

Besides being the end of the calendar year, December 31 is also the deadline for executing many financial transactions, particularly those that are reported on