December 6, 2023
December 6, 2023

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Ethan Feder

Ethan Feder is a senior at Yeshivat Frisch, a chess enthusiast, instructor and player. The goal of his column is to teach and discuss chess concepts through example positions, high-level games and relevant puzzles, along with explanations. Feel free to contact him with any questions, suggestions or comments at [email protected].

Articles by Ethan Feder

Using Passed Pawns

In chess, a passed pawn is a pawn without any opposing pawns in front of it to prevent its progression toward the eighth rank, a

Boris Gelfand

In light of the tragic current events in Israel, unlike most episodes of the Link’s Gambit, which explain particular tactics or ideas, this week’s column

X-Ray Tactics

In chess, an X-ray is a move so that a piece defends or controls a square through an interceding piece, typically to defend a piece

Forcing a Draw

The primary goal in chess is, of course, to win the game. However, when winning is no longer possible, rather than simply accepting defeat, one

2023 World Chess Championship in Review

Unlike most episodes of The Link’s Gambit, which explain particular tactics or ideas, this week’s column will instead focus on summarizing the greatest moments from


In chess, underpromotion is the idea of promoting a pawn to a knight, bishop or rook rather than a more powerful queen, typically to avoid

Positional Sacrifices

In chess, a positional sacrifice is the giving up of material in exchange for various positional advantages, including taking more space, conquering a particular color

Sacrifices for Checkmate

In chess, although it is generally best to have stronger pieces and more of them, occasionally tactical circumstances can occur in which such a material


In chess, prophylaxis is a restricting move or plan that aims to prevent one’s opponent from making an action or executing an idea. This is


In chess, interference is when the connection between an attacked piece and its defender is interrupted by interposing a piece between them, often sacrificially. This


In chess, a desperado is when a piece that is going to be lost captures an opponent’s piece before it is captured to win back

Overloading the Defender

In chess, Overloading the Defender is a tactic in which a defensive piece is faced with another threat which it cannot guard against while still