June 22, 2024
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June 22, 2024
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Larry Stiefel

Larry Stiefel is a pediatrician at Tenafly Pediatrics.

Articles by Larry Stiefel

Jblogging at Mount Sinai

Shemot: 20:2 (A glossary of the Internet abbreviations used in this story is available at the bottom of this post.) Yonie Potashnick was not a

Beshalach: The Great Divide

Michael was sitting outside the main office of the yeshiva, waiting for the taxi to take him to Ben Gurion. He had two large suitcases

Bo: Making Movies

Josh Steinberg had never been to a movie mogul’s office before. He was expecting it to be lavish, or at least plush. But he was

Va’eira: Getting the Boot

Rebecca loved her shoes. All of them. She wished it were otherwise. In theory, she didn’t want an entire closet stacked with shelf upon shelf

Shemot: Free at Last

Shemot 5:3, 7:26 “Mom, can I have orange soda?” “No, dear.” “Please?” It was a Monday night in Springfield, and Dina Traub was sitting in

Taking a Stand

The score was six to five in the bottom of the ninth inning when Nate Blau came up to bat. The pitcher, Jay Leonard, looked

Vayishlach: Born to Run

Once, in the town of East Brunswick, a rabbi had a vision. He was sitting in his little shtiebel on Shabbat afternoon, learning Parshat Vayishlach

Vayetzei: Hanging Out

As Burt Sosovsky hung from the roof of his house in Allamuchy, New Jersey, holding on to the cold metal edge of the gutter for

Toldot: Of Parsha and Ping Pong

He became suspicious when he won at thumb wrestling. Ari had never beaten Shira at thumb wrestling. Never. Not once. Then he beat her twice

Vayera: The Cup Runneth Over

Bereishit: 18:1-9 -I’m speechless. -Really, you don’t like it? -No, no, I do. I’ve just never seen anything like it before. -Isn’t it something? -Yes,