December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Lisa Reitman Dobi

Articles by Lisa Reitman Dobi

Marinated Beef Kebabs, Spit-Frogs Optional

Shish kebab, bro­chette, pincho, pinchi­to, yakitori… However dubbed, marinated and skewered meats cooked over a fire are an age-old, global tradition. Hunted meat was typi­cally

Dark Banana Tarte Tatin

Using a grocery de­livery website, I ordered four organic bananas. Four seemed just the right number. They’d rip­en and within four days, they’d simply go

Good Garlic! Stop The Press!

Sautéed kale is ver­satile, the perfect side dish, dressed up with some crumbled feta, toasted pine nuts or al­mond slices, or served with an over-easy

Two Simple Rules, One Great Chicken

All roast chickens are not created equal. There is “great chicken” and then there are the rest. Great chicken follows two indispensable—and interlocked—Rules of the

Suddenly Snapper

As a rule, the only fish I refer to as beautiful are those brilliant, jewel-toned creatures in high-maintenance salt-water tanks. Then I came across this