July 13, 2024
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July 13, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Martin Bodek

For years now, Martin Bodek has been wearing cuff links themed to the week’s parsha, to stimulate conversation around the Shabbat table. Naturally, it begged for a wider audience, and The Jewish Link seems like a perfect home—especially in name. Every week, we’ll present the cuff links, and you tell us how it ties in to the parsha of the week. E-mail your guesses, educated and otherwise, to [email protected] and we’ll publish the best and most creative answers a week later. Have fun!

Articles by Martin Bodek


Hi! Were you able to decipher what the links were last week? I took hi-res pictures! They were globes, representing the Earth, which swallowed up


Hi! Did you deduce from all my puns that the New York Giants symbols on last week’s cufflinks were in reference to the anakim in


Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were the menorah, which the parsha spent the first few pesukim discussing. Lots of folks told me they couldn’t quite make


Hi! I davened in a different shul last Shabbat morning to attend a simcha, and during the kiddush, EVERYone approached me to give me their


Hi! The chagim are creating all sorts of clipped deadlines, but I’m doing my “buzzt” to make them all. Pshew! Just made the … cut.


It’s time to play This Is Your Link! BRIElieve it or not, I’m gonna go out on a LIMBURGER, and say this has RICOTTA be


Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were the dollar signs (A gift from my mom; these are primarily the kinds of birthday/Father’s Day/festivals gifts I get nowadays),


Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were the lulavim, because Sukkot got name-dropped again in the parsha. Folks asked me why I’m wearing them off-season. Well, it


Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were the Ravenclaw crest cufflinks from the Harry Potter mythos. Because the parsha warns multiple times against the use of sorcery,


Hi everyone! It’s good to be back. I missed you all. Depending if you’re a parent or child, I hope you either got the afikoman


Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were the turtledoves, which are the korbanot brought after bringing a child into the world. As a bonus, when it’s a


Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were the adorable piggies, because the back half of the parsha spends a lot of time talking about kosher/non-kosher animals, and