December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Rabbi Dr. Daniel Friedman

Articles by Rabbi Dr. Daniel Friedman

Jewish College: Bava Kama Daf 23

Avram has just smashed his father’s idols, and Terach sees no choice but to report his “wayward” son to the authorities for blasphemy. He is

Prayer Muscles: Bava Kama Daf 19

Rebbe Nachman used to say, “One must pray for every little thing, even if you tear your garment and need another one.” His disciple, Rabbi

What to Expect: Kiddushin Daf 79

Mandy and Mordy had announced their plans to make aliyah. Everyone was so happy for them. After working remotely through covid, Mordy was able to

No Regrets: Kiddushin Daf 49

“Here comes Yosef, that self-righteous annoying little tittle-tattler,” his brothers say as they notice him off in the distance bringing them provisions. “We’re nowhere near

Kiddushin Daf 35: Jews Have Horns

Times were tough for the Lithuanian Jewish community in the interwar period. “What can we do to awaken the compassion of our Father-in-Heaven?” asked Rabbi

Kiddushin 28: Mitzvah Transfer

The Chofetz Chaim—Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan of Radin—once slipped on the steps outside his house as he exited in the morning on his way to

Your Promised Land (Gittin 26)

The Children of Israel finally reach the Promised Land. In an effort to plan and strategize their entry into the land, Moshe sends 12 spies