July 22, 2024
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July 22, 2024
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Rabbi Dr. Daniel Friedman

Articles by Rabbi Dr. Daniel Friedman

Kiddushin 28: Mitzvah Transfer

The Chofetz Chaim—Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan of Radin—once slipped on the steps outside his house as he exited in the morning on his way to

Your Promised Land (Gittin 26)

The Children of Israel finally reach the Promised Land. In an effort to plan and strategize their entry into the land, Moshe sends 12 spies

Love Thy Enemy: Gittin Daf 20

The Apter Rebbe was known by his sefer, Ohev Yisrael. And as his name suggests, he was an exceptional proponent of the mitzvah of loving

Hebrew Names

We were redeemed from Egypt on account of our commitment to three practices: we maintained our Hebrew clothing; we spoke the Hebrew language and we

Gittin Daf 3: Get Going!

Moshe Rabbeinu is exhausted. He has led the children of Israel through the wilderness for months. Time after time, they have tested his patience with

Sotah 49: You Are the Gadol Hador!

Omer Yankelevich was the first-ever female haredi minister of Israel. As heaven would have it, she was appointed Minister of Diaspora Affairs just after the

Sotah 37: Prayer Expectations

The Israelites caught sight of the Egyptians advancing upon them. Terrified, the Israelites cried out to God, and they said to Moshe, “Was it for

Daf 35: Gravity Is the Law

Chaim, Yankel and Berel were old friends from yeshiva. Baruch Hashem, they’d all done well in business and were able to contribute generously towards the

Your Divine Calling: Sotah 7

Chanah, the wife of Elkanah, was barren for many years. When she was finally blessed with a child, she named him Shmuel and dedicated him