June 17, 2024
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June 17, 2024
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Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Articles by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Presidential Cabinet

Despite the title, this is not a political commentary. I did research on why a government has a “cabinet” and found that its origins are

The Smoking Gun

You’ve probably noticed that my titles are often known phrases or plays on words. Part of it is to pique your interest, and part of

Picture Windows

It’s interesting when you take note of things that are most often a certain way and you realize that there’s a reason for it. For

Running on Empty

When things run out, we try to replace them. In fact, in our home, we like to have the replacement there before the other item

Making Your Mark

When wet cement is poured, there’s a certain draw to etch something in it. Often, people write their initials in a metaphysical attempt to capture

No News Is Good News

Once again, all eyes are on the Land of Israel, the people of Israel, and we, scattered across the world, hang on every bit of

Going in Style

I’ve written before about airline and travel status. In today’s world, there are dozens, hundreds or maybe thousands, of experts, gurus and insiders who can

When One Door Closes

We’ve all heard the expression “When one door closes, another one opens.” Well, maybe not all of us, but it’s pretty widespread. The idea behind


I am a father of girls. I think there’s just two of them, but you’d never guess it from their closets. I clearly don’t understand

Set in Their Ways

There’s an anecdote in my wife’s family about how her uncle tried to give his father-in-law, her Zeidy Shmelka, directions to the Catskills that might

The Highwaymen

No, this column is not about bandits robbing travelers on deserted roads; groups of highwaymen accosting innocent strangers. Rather, it’s about one particular highwayman, and

View From the Top

When my wife and I, as a relatively young couple, purchased our home, it was pretty much all we could afford. For that reason, we